Monday, January 30, 2012

Moody Monday OOTD

Been so long since I did an outfit post that I barely remember where to start!
Canadian weather is unpredictable & spiteful at best. Combine that with a post Christmas funk & you get a moody blogger.

Sometimes the best cure for the blues is a splash of lipstick, a delicious latte made by your favorite barista in the world & a great date.

Our local coffee house & a Piece O'Cake cupcake!

I found this maxi skirt (fashioned as a dress today) at Winner's in late summer but was iffy about it. When mid fall came & the price was $7 I decided to splurge & see what I could make of it. My favorite solution...

Apparently cold weather makes me scowl?
I hate winter.
Forever 21 accesories
Paired up with my brand new Rieker winter boots, picked up at Boutique Zekara during their winter blow out sale with my saved up gift certificate I am finally prepared for the icy streets/sidewalks/parking lots of Saint John. For too long I've been teetering over ice, used to Ontario winters. The ice & often frigid winds in my new home is something I finally feel ready for (as we close in on February!!).

You might remember these boots made an appearance on the runway with me. I fell for them that night & have been dreaming of them since. So glad these wool lined beauties are now mine!

Guess I'm back on the blogger bandwagon now!

Stay Fabulous!


  1. Love, love the skirt and I could see it paired with a jean jacket or a sweater and perhaps sandals ...looking good.

  2. I love your look eclectic yet beautifully matched! ♥

  3. Yay! You're back!! I love everything about your outfit...including the bracelet and necklace!! Where did you get those??