Sunday, December 18, 2011

Festive OOTD

I'm a social media junkie.

I have a personal facebook account with 3 other pages (including Full of Fabulous & Darling Dilemma if you are so inclined to peek...), 3 twitter accounts, 2 blogs, a Google+, an etsy shop & tumblr.


But it pays off.... moving to 2 new cities in the last couple years was tough & without social media I wouldn't have met all the fabulous and fantastic people I have! The bloggers, my crafting circle, the derby girls & The Ladies of Twitter (as we have taken to call ourselves).

These ladies are social junkies too, and they understand why I check my phone during coffee, while shopping or during dinner with my husband. In fact it was probably one of them who tweeted me.
As a group we try to meet 'in real life' on occasions.  As many of us gather as are available for coffee dates, potential book club meetings, dinners or lunches. And this weekend was our official 'Ladies of Twitter Christmas Luncheon' at the lovely Bourbon Quarter/Magnolia Cafe uptown.

I decided to get a little festive...

Yes, I am still wearing flats, bare feet... a week before Christmas!

Totally colour blocked & made myself look elf like.

Jeggings; Forever 21+, Tunic; Old Navy, Belt; Torrid

Made the earrings myself.
Hobbes wanted a piece of the action
Thank you ladies for a lovely lunch! I can't wait until our first 2012 outing...


  1. It was wonderful to meet you all on Saturday!

    I am a bit of a social media junkie too! I am also the proud owner of multiple twitter accounts, one regular, one for hubby's business (Island Ink-Jet) and another for my silly soap opera addiction. I sadly own over 10 blogs (some of them have been neglected)and a 3 tumblrs. It is all so addictive and anytime I come up with an new idea another blog is born! LOL

    I do love your festive look with the red and green, the red Mary Janes are a great touch and the kitty is a cute accessory too!

  2. You look great but love that Hobbes is getting in on the OOTD post action like Sadie does at our house!

  3. i understand being a social network, blogger junkie, im totally there! but arent we all! you look lovely in your festive wear! :) love the flats!


  4. Red and green should always be seen! Great colours on this outfit....