Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shopping Cart Saturday v.3

Lola & Gigi's is one of Canada's best & only online plus size shopping sites. It is also one of my favorite places to browse! I love having Canadian options for my clothing purchases & wish more retailers would set up shop in the Great White North.

This week's dream shoping cart includes these two fabulous pieces

Jibri High Waist Full Skirt $99

Both these pieces just look like they are amazing quality but the cuts of them are
what drew me to them!
I've decided I have avoided the high waisted skirt for far too long & this is the one I want to break that streak with. Add the shrug below & I can take this skirt right into my late fall wardrobe!

SWAK Amber Shrug $38

What's  on your wishlist this week?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Esthetically Fabulous!

Excuse the egotistical sounding post title but I swear it will make poetic sense momentarily.

Since moving to New Brunswick I've been on the hunt for a local stylist/salon that has got what it takes.  I'm not THAT picky... I just want a shade of blonde that isn't yellow or brassy (or as I learned today - a cool blonde). I've had one turn it yellow & pretend there wasn't anything wrong with it & one who tried to dye my hair blonde instead of bleaching - leaving a huge line
where my old & new colours met. 
 I had heard of Essential Esthetics from my friend & fellow blogger Barb but hadn't made it in there until today.

Today I met Marissa.
Totally adorable, totally fabulous Marissa.

OK it is a phone picture but I thought I'd throw it in for fun!!

Anyways, I have been having a few days of feeling unattractive & over a week of bad hair days but Marissa fixed me right up!
She did up my colour, giving me a fabulous shade of blonde that I adore & a richer dark underneath.  She also gave me some spot on bangs!

If you haven't checked out Essential Esthetics on Union Street yet - you need to.
The ladies are super friendly & know their stuff!
Make up, nails, hair, waxing, relaxation massage, teeth whitening; they've got you covered!

I felt awesome after my appointment (photographic evidence)!

Dress; George
Oh, & by the way - how cute is this dress? I bought it 2 years ago wore it once but pulled it out again this summer & am loving it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sun Kissed!

While they aren't the most professional fashion blog photos, in fact they are pretty much a throw back to the myspace days of self portraits but I was feeling so perfectly sun kissed & happy in the sun that I couldn't help but share!

Mispec Beach, New Brunswick
It was my first real beach visit of the summer & it was a spectacular one! Perfect weather & company, & as you can tell... the perfect view.

This swimsuit is last year's & a rare perfect find from Old Navy.  Although it doesn't have the support I would like, it has garnered a few wolf whistles from the husband (& after 11 years together, who can't help but enjoy that!).
I'm still dreaming of my perfect suit from Get Go Retro though (seen here)!!
Until the swimsuit fairies deliver (as my friend Susan says lol), this one will have to do.

I leave you with one last look at my playground....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Road Trip Round Up!

Irving Nature Park, Saint John, NB

My GingerKid with Cape Breton, NS behind him

I have just returned from a wonderful mini summer vacation! Well vacation might be too strong of a word.... we'll go with road trip! It truly was a classic road trip. 

Cape Enrage, N

Chrissy's Look Off, Cape Breton, NB

The part of this trip that made it a once-of-a-lifetime kind of thing was my Dad.  He rode his motorbike out to NB with one of my cousins & an uncle but left the motorcade & bike behind for an more bonding type experience with me & the GingerKid!
Obviously New Glasgow, NB. What a great sign!
Since my love of fashion is obviously lost on a 12 year old boy, I'm trying to instill some of my other loves in him... the ocean, family & adventures in the form of road trips!

We journeyed from Saint John along the Fundy coast to Cape Enrage, Hopewell Rocks then into Dieppe. Our first night was spent in New Glasgow, NS.  From their we explored Cape Breton island travelling by car, ferry & bridge. I often felt like I was living a Vinyl Cafe story, with my father by my side (if you are not familiar with Vinyl Cafe & Stuart MacLean, check the link - you will thank me).

 The second night we stayed with one of my favorite couples in the world, Jen & Steve in Glace Bay, NS.  They treated us to great food & the best conversation (not to mention we got to rub the baby bump!).  The next morning we travelled to Cape George on St. Georges Bay & then down to Truro for the night (& a tire change... *sad face*).

The next day found me saying my goodbyes to Dad & making my way back to Saint John & the husband - bittersweet.
All & all a memorable trip that I won't ever forget. 
Of course road trips aren't the best occasions for outfit photos & the road hair wasn't even close to presentable! I'm throwing in just one picture, from a distance just so I can pretend this is slightly fashion related.

The clothes are comfortable & layered, the hair is curly & windproof & the company was top notch!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shopping Cart Sunday v.2

This weekend I'm all about dresses! I have two fabulous weddings approaching in early September (one is my brother's!!) back in my home province of Ontario.  I imagine it will still be quite warm so have been scouring & searching for the perfect dresses.
One dress was purchased a few months ago from Torrid. An adorable strapless floral dress that I will pair with a cute bolero.  I'm going to make you all wait for that one though!

In the mean time I've been trying to decide (& save money for) on the perfect to wear to my brother's outdoor/barn wedding.  We are all considering this 'event' to be the party of the year, so I obviously need a dress to match the occasion! Knowing how fun & wonderful this wedding will be I know that it is the perfect excuse to make my first eShakti order, especially since they have now opened their shipping up to Canadian orders!

eShakti - Shop Women’s designer fashion dresses, tops</P>
<P>Size 0-26W...

eShakti - Shop Women’s designer fashion dresses, tops
Size 0-26W...

If you aren't familiar with eShakti here are a few things you should know;
  • almost all their design are customizable (sleeves, length, bust, height, neckline...)
  • sizes run from xs to 3x!
  • they charge Canadians the same for shipping as US residents, which includes free shipping on orders over $100 right now!!
Just reading their 'mission' makes me happy to have found this great site!
So shown in this blog are a few of the dresses I've (currently) narrowed down my selection to for the wedding.
eShakti - Shop Women’s designer fashion dresses, tops</P>
<P>Size 0-26W...
Here you can see one style in two different colours that I like.  
I'm particularly fond of this one;
eshakti dress

eShakti - Shop Women’s designer fashion dresses, tops

Size 0-26W...
Size 0-26W...

I think this style could be flattering & I would probably get several wearings out of it;
eShakti - Shop Women’s designer fashion dresses, tops 
<P>Size 0-26W...

eShakti - Shop Women’s designer fashion dresses, tops
Size 0-26W...

I adore this one & all of it's pretty detail but wonder if it will flatter my shape or be a bit too fancy;
eShakti - Shop Women’s designer fashion dresses, tops 
<P>Size 0-26W...

eShakti - Shop Women’s designer fashion dresses, tops
Size 0-26W...

And finally there is this style in two different shades of blue;


So that is it for this week's Shopping Cart - now all that is left to do is choose the perfect one for the wedding of the year!! Would love to hear your opinions!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shopping Cart Saturday v.1

I've been debating for a couple weeks about introducing a weekly feature to the blog. I adore blogger's songs of the week, photo diaries & recipe shares but also wanted to feature something that appealed to my specific corner of fabulous. So I introduce Shopping Cart Saturday/Sunda - a weekly feature of some of the things in my online shopping carts.  Think of it as window shopping (or WindowsXP shopping... ohhhh sorry for the bad joke!)

So without anymore preamble, here are this weeks choices! I've gone with ASOS since they are still having their massive Summer Sale!

Belted Sixties Skater Dress
This dress might be too short for my 6ft tall frame but with a $68.96 reg.price on sale for $ could I not want to risk it!?!!
(the website says the model is 5'11")

Textured Waffle Shift Dress

This dress is the same price as the above but higher on my want list.  I've been craving more red in my wardrobe & am picture this with nylons, tights or maybe even a dark skinny jean?
Check out the detail!

And my final gotta have in the cart are these shorts!

Belted City Short
I really don't like shorts often so the fact that I am in love with these, says a lot (like 'buy me buy me').
Reg.$52 on sale for $25... I hope to see them in my future - supplies are running low on these beauties though.

Anyways, those are some of the items haunting my shopping cart this week (wouldn't it be lovely to strike it rich?!!) but before I sign off I also want to share some of my favorite blogs who have some great weekly features. If you have a weekly feature you want me to check out - leave a link in comments & I will!

Brilliant Sugar has her Snapshots
Doll Parade has her Love Chronicles (I don't like to pick favorites but....)
Oh My heart has her Song of the Week
Maritime Shopaholic has her 3 Things

Those are a few to sink your teeth into - enjoy & see you next week!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Full of Sea Air

We took to the sea today!
I'm preparing for my son to leave for his first sleep away camp by soaking up as much mother/son time as I can before his departure on Sunday.

The week has been filled with ice cream, camp shopping, delicious breakfasts & today, our first trip of the season to one of our favorite places - Irving Nature Park.
When moving to Saint John a year ago we would spend several days a week combing the beach, wandering the forest & taking millions of photos. Above is one of my professional photos, taken on one of the adventures.

It was amazing to get back to the park today, sit by the ocean with my boy & enjoy the amazing weather.  It was the perfect day for our first trip down.
Top; Torrid, Skirt; Winners, Sunglasses; RayBans, Necklace; Etsy, Shoes; Birkenstocks
It is pretty hard to spend much time thinking about outfits, hair & makeup when you are rushing to the shore in weather like this, so I kept it simple.

This necklace is several years old & a purchase from Etsy. I thought it was the right choice for today...

My son is trying his hand at photography these days too

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Evolution of Fabulous Hair Pt.2

So, picking up where I left off yesterday, the above is yet another of Vanessa's masterpieces. I had never ever had green in my hair so we thought... why the hell not?  It isn't a look that lasted long. No matter how amazing Vanessa is, everyone has a colour or two that wasn't meant for them.
Green (and yellow) was mine.

This look was a favorite! Purples & pinks in various shades with a serious section of blonde...
It was hot hot hot & definitely caught everyones eye!!
I think I would have wore this look forever, if it hadn't of been for a potential job interview (which I didn't even get!!).

Below is the modified 'job' look I went for instead.

I honestly adored this look too, even though it wasn't pink.  It was probably the nicest shade of 'brownish' I've ever had.

At this point there was an interlude with a rather unfortunate cut & colour...
for which there will be no photographs.

Ok! Back to it!

These two were pretty similar, just a different style of bang as I tried to decide... what next!

What next was lightening up!
A lighter red with blonde all throughout! Was a great sunnier look for my second summer on the East Coast & first summer living in Saint John!

Which pretty much brings me up to my current look!
This photo was taken in early spring '11. So happy with the shade of blond with my natural brown making an appearance as well!
I've since grown the bangs out for a slightly different look - which you see in most of my outfit posts.

So which one of these looks did you like best? Would love to know!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Evolution of Fabulous hair - part 1

It is getting close to that time... the time when my roots are about to peek out & show their/my true colour.

For those of you who only know me thru the blog, or since I came to the East Coast, chances are you have only ever seen the above look (with possibly a little more root from time to time & probably straight...) but there have been so very many looks, so many colours, so many cuts!
Since it is another rainy day & I'm considering staying in my PJ's I thought it might be fun to take a look back & show you some past hair styles.

So this is back when Vanessa first did my hair... so circa myspace days.  There is a pattern to my looks... in the summer I can't be bothered to try & straighten my hair.


There were several stages of orange before we moved into full blown reds, but these looks I was particularly fond of.  There was even a mostly black look with just a bit of red before I decided I wanted to go blonde.  While stripping my hair of colour to get to blonde we hit an amazing surprise. Below  is the results.

No not the kid (although he is pretty amazing) but the colour! This peachy keen look is still one of my favorites.  The cut was one I returned to several times as well.

So after the peach phase I did get to the blonde, with a bit of orange crush underneath.  This was probably the only day I liked my hair during that period.
*hair & makeup by Vanessa

So here is my scrumptious stylist/Ontario bff Vanessa & me, rocking some seriously glowing orange hair.

This only brings me up to a few years ago...
Look for the next post to include pinks, purples.. even a bit of green! 

Would love if you shared your favorite style, cut or colour!
 Email me a pic & I might include it in a future post!