Sunday, May 22, 2011

Packed Full of Fabulousness

So like Dom, I too am off soon for a mini va-cay to Ontario! Dom will be off to Mississauga/Toronto area to cheer on our local Sea Dogs hockey team while I am off to see my nearest & dearest!
It is hard to resist a meet up for crazed shopping sprees, seeing as we will be there at the same time, but alas our schedules will likely not sync.  That being said, I think it is safe to say you can expect shopping posts from both of us upon our returns!

So it looks like I will be in my hometown & surrounding areas for 5 full days (with 2 days on either end of that for driving!) & I'm excited to pick & pack all my fabulous outfits! We have had a sudden & drastic change in weather here in New Brunswick the last few days but for the most part I haven't had the chance to wear much 'warm weather' clothing yet this year!
This is definitely an area of my wardrobe that needs to expand!!
Couple pairs of capris, few skirts & 1 summer dress, totally don't make a season's worth of outfits!

I recently picked up what I predict will become a summer staple, a beige mini with cargo flare (& built in shorts underneath which is a TOTAL blessing as an active mom & with warm summer thighs... ah the realities of plus size are glamorous sometimes!).

This skirt is from Three Hearts, a brand I'm not familiar with, but I found for only $20 at Winners!! The skirt is heavy cotton with some stretch & absolutely great quality. A perfect find.

Some other things I'm looking forward to breaking in on this trip are my more 'fancy' or 'night time' clothes.
An amazing pair of crazy silver grey & metallic skinny jeans from ASOS Curve (scored from their latest sale along with a few other dreamy items!) are jumping at the chance to get on the dance floor!!

Also waiting for the light of day is a navy blue tunic style piece that a beautiful friend in England scored me from Evans.

So while Dom is looking forward to getting new clothes on her vacation, I'm ready to show mine off!
Now who wants to take me out?


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Forever... Fabulous?

Hello Fabulous!

Oh, wait. That’s me!

Just kidding! Hello to you too, fabulous reader. Thanks for dropping by!

With all of this dreary weather we’ve been having lately, it’s been difficult to fuel my style mojo. The more dreary the skies are, the more black I wear each day as color just doesn’t seem appropriate. With today’s outfit choice being head to toe black, I have my fingers crossed the fog will finally lift and we’ll see the sun for more than an hour this weekend. (Please? Pretty Please?)

With dreary weather also comes a dreary mood to match. I have a bone to pick and Forever21, I’m lookin’ at you, kid.

I am desperately trying to build a Spring wardrobe. As you may have seen in my previous post, retail shopping is impossible because no local retailers carry my size. Online shopping is impossible because barely anyone ships to Canada, those that do have ridiculous shipping charges or sell out of what I want faster than I can type my credit card info into the checkout.

Forever21, I thought you were going to be my knight in shining armour. My light at the end of the long, dark, narrow tunnel that is plus size shopping. My Prince Charming to this Cinderella princess.


You came close. With your gorgeous, affordable fashions and free shipping to Canada with an order of $60 or more. The second I started browsing your Canadian website, I put on my bedazzled party hat and was ready to do the happy dance..

Luckily (or unluckily?) I figured out what you were up to, and this just isn’t cool. I’d like an explanation!

Exhibit A: This SAME top is listed at a higher price on your Canadian website. As fashionistas and shopaholics alike all know, the Canadian dollar has been at par or better than the American dollar for weeks now. What the heck, Forever21?

$4 isn’t THAT much. But if you’re buying 10 items with a difference of $4 each, that’s $40 I could spend on 2 additional pieces.

Exhibit B: Not all of the amazing items available on your USA site are featured on the Cdn site. Huh? You’re already charging me more money for what you DO have available. Can’t we make a deal? Use the amount you’re overcharging me to make available the other 4 items I want not currently found on the Cdn site so I can at least have them shipped to my country? If I order through the US site that means I have to drive an hour to the border town of Calais, Maine to pick it up since you won’t send it to me here in the great white north. We’re attached to you! Our countries touch each other every day. Show us some love! (Please don’t overcharge us for the same product and then not even offer to cover my gas money to pick it up!)

Cdn Shopping Bag, 3 items, $69.40, delivered to my house.

** Correction! The last top has sold out in my size since I began typing this post. Down to 2 items and I no longer qualify for free shipping. Bummer.

USA Shopping Bag, 6 items (3 dresses!!), 129.80, delivered to Calais, Maine, 2 hours of driving + gas money (And, uhh, who goes to Calais without going shoe shopping?).


I was *thisclose* to giving in and placing my order before realizing cross border shipping has been ridiculously slow lately. I probably wouldn’t get them in time to go away to Toronto next week (which is where I wanted to show off all of my new duds) and since there’s a 21+ in one of the malls close to my hotel, I’m going to wish on every star I see that some of the pieces (or better ones!) will be available in the store.

Wish me luck Land of Fabulous - hoping for a positive post, when I’m back from my mini vacation, all about my shopping adventures and new wardrobe from the big city!

– D.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Charitably Chic

So one thing you should know is that Dom is a lady with big ideas & a big heart (& okay yes... big hair!).  A few weeks ago she asked me if I wanted to join my creative force with her big idea & Charity Chic was born!

Charity Chic is, in simple terms, a clothing swap with a purpose & heart, in support of Romero House ( local soup kitchen & outreach) You can read all of the event details here;!/event.php?eid=211683018860625

but the idea is to have a super fashionable clothing swap that goes above & beyond.  This is a full blown event with so many lovely ladies lending their talents.  Kelly Lawson, a local photographer will be running a photo booth, Jennifer Rodine & her colleague from Hair Affair offering a nailpolish station, Leanne Cochrane from will be presenting a candy buffet, DJ Al Rebel will be spinning tunes, the ladies from Essential Studio will be doing makeup applications & brown touchup while Full of Fabulous... well we take care of the fabulous of course!

We have been collecting clothing donations all week & our living rooms & cars are piled high! I haven't sorted everything out yet but a quick peek revealed brand names like GAP, Nine West, American Eagle & Lane Bryant!

(if you follow us on twitter; DarlingDilemma, RedHot or us as a duo, FullOfFabulous you will see dozens of pictures just like this! lol Back seats of cars, trunks, living rooms... it is exciting & overwhelming!)

After getting all excited by what everyone else was donating, I figured it was time to dig threw my own closet & part with some of my own items.
After several moves I feared I had no extra clothes left to give away. I did major purges 3 times in the last 2 years, trying to keep my closet to regularly worn items & my few special pieces. I used to have a bad habit of buying ill fitting items on the cheap & keeping them around forever - anyone else??
Anyways, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to pull out my summer clothes storage bin & have a peek. I always forget what I pack away.
Frankly there wasn't much in there.  I love summer, but my wardrobe has always seriously lacked. 4 pairs of Capri's & a couple blouses. Seriously?? How do I get by?!!

I now know what I'll have my eye open for at the Swap!

But I found one thing in that bin... under the bathing suits I never wear & a concert tee from Sarah McLaughlin circa 1998.


Never worn!

So I probably don't need to tell you that I don't want to let these pants go, right?

I don't want to let them go.

We all have something like red leather pants in our closets don't we? Something that was so gorgeous, such a good deal that you couldn't pass up... even though they didn't fit(at the time). My DKNY red leather pants are just that- a size too small with a price that couldn't be beat. I was going to loss just a little more& then they would fit like a dream.
Except I never did, & neither did they.

So I'm giving up the dream of hitting the perfect event in breathtaking red leather & donating them, for someone else's dream.

We all have the equivalent of red leather pants in our wardrobes, what's yours?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hot For Teacher

I spend most days trying to put together an outfit that will make me look fabulous but won't crush me if it gets paint spilt down the front of it.
I'm not especially klutzy (more modestly so), I teach an after school art program.

Occasionally (on pencil crayon days) I will brave the classroom in something new & fab-u-lous, but mostly I'm in the dilemma of trying to look great without wearing my gorgeous new Torrid floral strapless dress. Finding fab plus sized items on the cheap is an almost near impossible task in Canada. Finding them in New event of mythical proportions.

My solution has become to mix an affordable standard with something more unique.
Reitman's jeans with a beautifully cut top from Torrid (online)
Denim skirt with a bright coloured leggings from We Love Color (online)
Black leggings with a skirt & super cute shoes from Winners

Or something like this, that I wore this week;

Tunic & leggings - Reitmans
Caridgan - Old Navy
Shoes - Winner's
 This cardigan from Old Navy is a hit with me because it gives me an excuse to wear my GIANT green turquoise ring & matching necklace that my most darling husband gave me on our first wedding anniversary (isn't he sweet??).

I have, so far, for the most part, avoided oil pastel/marker/paint disasters this term (although there was a small 'incident' with ink 2 weeks ago on my SimplyBe tunic....).

A totally adorable, pig-tailed girl in my Tuesday class comments on my outfit almost every week. My favorite was 'You always dress so exciting! My Mom only wears black...' *said with wide eyes & then disapproving ones, about her mother's choice*

Naot shoes, Winners (sooo comfy!)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

For my Love of ‘Fashion Find’ txting with Em & For my Hate of Online Shopping Fiascos

I have the most bizarre body type. No, really. I do. I’m 5’8. I’ve been blessed with a long torso (though cursed with a spare tire around the middle) which, I’ve discovered, makes it somewhat easy to fit into long, snug fitting, tunic style tops from ‘regular’ size stores. As you found out in my intro, I worked within the ‘regular size’ fashion retail industry for over 10 years and that gave me the perfect opportunity to inspect fabrics, textures, makes, models and styles in my down time to ‘cheat’ the sizing system and find clothes labelled L or XL to fit my so-called ‘plus size’ shape. This ability or ‘skill’ (as the Fabulous in me prefers to call it) has gotten me through the last few years and allowed me to fill the need for something new to add to my closet whenever the shopping bug has hit.

Outside of my eBay obsession from years ago, I’ve never shopped online for clothing. Ever. Fear of the unknown scares me. (Will it fit when I get it? What if it’s hideous when it’s out of the plastic? What if their sizing is off? What if MY sizing is off?) Shipping prices are outrageous and so is having to wait up to one month for your impulse buy to arrive via mail. Travelling throughout the summer and moving from one big city to the next has given me enough shopping opportunity that I haven’t had to worry about it … until now. Here I am in little Saint John, NB. I relocated less than 2 years ago from Ottawa (My job at the time had me commuting to Montreal every 2 weeks. Note: My Fabulous shoe collection WILL be featured in an upcoming post, that’s a promise!). My closet is officially tired. I rotate through the same 15 ‘work appropriate’ outfits and the same 20 ‘out and about’ outfits over and over again and I. Am. Bored.

It’s time to shop and there is nowhere in Saint John to do so. Online is my only option (Until we’re on the road this summer to Mississauga, Arizona and Boston of course!).

Finding a young, hip, trendy online ‘plus size’ store that carries the style of clothes I like with prices that aren’t ridiculous and ships to Canada is as close to Mission Impossible as it gets. When I come across one, my reaction resembles a 6 year old getting the new puppy they’ve been begging for for months on Christmas morning. Picture LOTS of shrieking, jumping up and down and all around disbelief. (Now that I think about it, this would also be the exact same reaction I would have to getting a new puppy on Christmas morning at 29 years old. HintHintHintHint)

Here is the text conversation I had with my FoF Co-Star as I stumbled across online retailer Loop18 (a division of plus size giant Lane Bryant) earlier this week:
Em's proof of the texting madness!
(note the Em to Dom ratio)
Me: OMG!!!! Have you heard of Loop18? Click on it from the Lane Bryant website!
Em: At work now but will check!
Me: Omg Omg Omg. On Loop18 everything is BOGO 50% off and then you save $40 off $100 or $15 off $60!
Me (again): Wait til you see the dresses!!!!!!

These are the dresses: (Stunning, right?)
Strapless Jacquard Dress from Loop 18

Strapless Dress from Loop 18
Me (again): My next blog entry is going to be these crazy txts I send you when I find an amazing site!!!!
Em (Yes, sometimes I give others the opportunity to respond): Aaaahhhhh you’re killing me!!
Em: AHAHA! Yes! Best blog ever!
Me: (Picture shrieking, jumping, txting crazy lady) doing ittttttt!!!! And dying!!!! I want EVERY dress and I haven’t even clicked on any other categories!!! Kinda pricey but bogo!!!!
Me: (No longer jumping) Ok. Clicked on the other categories and I am slightly disappointed now, no as amazing as I suspected based on ‘new arrivals’ but I still love A LOT!
Em: This is killing me! lol I’ve miss our frantic fashion texting!!
Me: (No longer jumping OR shrieking, about to remind myself why I don’t shop online) Put 2 dresses in my cart and my freaking total is $94. I need 100 to save $40!!!! Nothing else I like!!!
Em: (She’s the best!) Ok I will see if I can top that up for you!!
Me: (Also trying to be the best) I’m wiling to cut down to 1 dress if whatever you get puts us at 100
Em: (Crushing my dreams) Loop18 doesn’t ship to CAD…

<Insert frowny face>

Me: ARGH! (Actually, I said ‘Assholes!’)
Em: Lane Bryant doesn’t as a whole, so I was wondering. Could ship to Calais I suppose?
Me: That makes is SO frustrating and almost not worth it. I hate the hassle!
Em: Frankly.. Me too.
Me: I’d rather wait and go somewhere that I can buy it in person. I’ll keep my $100 and spend it locally on shoes and accessories thankyouverymuch.

<The End.>

What’s the deal, retailers? I FINALLY find what I’m looking for and you make it impossible for me to purchase. Don’t you want my money? I can assure you if my first experience is great, if what I order fits as it should and I’m happy with my purchase, there is a WHOLE lot more $ where that came from!


I’m sorry, closet.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Pleased To Meet You

Welcome to the first post of our brand new venture, Full of Fabulous!
We are a couple of plus sized slaves to fashion from East Coast Canada who love to live life boldly!

We interviewed each other cuz we are special & just that fabulous! Ha!

So let us introduce ourselves.


Promotion & event guru who knows how to rock a pouf like nobody's business.
Spends 9 months of the year rink side to hockey.
Hates creepy crawlies, peas & camping
We interviewed each other cuz we are special & just that fabulous! Ha!

So, why did YOU want to start a fashion blog, Dom?

I wanted to start a fashion blog because
a) Everything you do is pure genius and I want to tag along with your fabulousness 
b) Fashion is in my blood. I went to 'fashion school' in Toronto and graduated from a Fashion Marketing and Merchandising program which started my 10 year career in retail and
c) It's time plus size girls and fashions were CELEBRATED! Saint John is quickly becoming the fashion capital of New Brunswick. I am beyond excited, but I feel like in order for us to attain that official title, all shapes and sizes need to be represented. Locally first and then nationally and internationally!

So who would you say your fashion icons are?

My fashion icons change all the time! I don't follow one specific clothing style or trend so this question is difficult. As fashion itself evolves so do my tastes. I adore Kim Kardashian for her always polished look but at the same time, I can't get enough of Snooki's animal prints and of course her pouf! Mia Tyler is certainly on my list of favorite celebs as well, especially from a plus size perspective.

Mia Tyler
I tend to find locals more inspiring than celebrities, I have always idolized those who can walk into a store and find a 'perfect piece' to add to their wardrobes with minimal effort. I'm brand new to the blogging 'scene' and as I discover gorgeous plus size bloggers from around the world I'm sure my list of icons will grow by the hundreds in just a matter of days!

What do you think are the best things about being Full of Fabulous? Any downside?

The best things about being full of fabulous? Inspiring fabulousness in others. Encouraging people to raise the bar. Being the 'go to' within my group of friends for a fun, unique idea that really knocks peoples socks off.
Negatives? Fabulous is HARD work and requires constant upkeep. You can never risk letting your fabulous guard down or having people see you sweat anything besides fabulous. Also, I have to admit, foggy, misty, rainy days truly test the nerves of the fabulous.
*side note from Em - I'm betting when she says 'nerves' she is actually referring to her pouf!

What can our readers expect from your side of the blog?

From my portion of the blog, readers can expect an honest, quirky, sometimes humorous account of life as a plus size newbie blogger. I can't promise everything I write will be purely fashion based but I can promise that I will try my best. As time passes, I hope to reflect on my posts and view them as an evolution, or, even better, as a revolution. I have been in denial about my plus size-ness for as long as I can remember. I am hoping that in contributing to this blog and letting my walls down even in smallest bit I will renew some confidence in myself and encourage love and acceptance in others.
A 30something woman with a penchant for all things cupcakes,
 too many jobs, a jewelry line &
a rockin ginger for a son.
Alright, your turn Em - why did YOU want to start a fashion blog?

Ummm probably because I am a fashion blogaholic! I can't even tell you how many I have on my bloglovin account that I follow! There are such great blogs out there, local & plus sized but nothing that was local AND plus size! I was starting to feel slightly 'unrepresented'... then I met you - my partner in (not fashion) crime!

Who are your fashion icons these days?

Well one would definitely have to be my blog obsession, Stiletto Siren.  That girl is fierce in her choices & always looking SO put together! Another would have to be Glee cast member, Amber Riley. I mean, did you SEE what she wore to the Golden Globes?? The girl is SO cute & picks the best, most flattering outfits for her red carpet events. I wish I had red carpet events to go to...!

Amber Riley
 What do you think are the best & worst things about being Full of Fabulous?

I have to agree with you - being inspiration or the 'go to' for other's fabulousness is definitely the best part!  I adore being stopped somewhere to have someone tell me they love something I have on, or beg to know where I got it. I used to think that was just a skinny girl's life... but not anymore!

Of course, the downfall is the maintenance.  Affording fabulous is always tough but finding it on the east coast of Canada can be even tougher!! I think that ultimately, every conversation I have with fellow plus sized women comes down to where can we get it? Where is the fabulous?

Cardigan; Torrid, Tank; Addition Elle, Skirt; Winners,
Hose; We Love Colors, Shoes; Winners
And finally, what can our readers expect from you in this blog?

Photos! Outfits! I want to try & get as comfortable in front of a lens, as I am behind it. I want to share my shopping scores, hits & misses! 
And I want to take our readers along on some of our adventures in this life of Fabulous!