Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fabulous Heat!

After spending several days outside in the beating sun, crisping up & selling my line of Darling Dilemma jewelry to locals, tourists & cruise ship passengers all that I can think about is beach time!!

With a decent base tan now, and a Moose Light Ginger (possibly my new summer bevvy of choice, although highly unlikely that I would give up a long time love of Pina Coladas!!) I find myself stuck in front of the computer browsing swimsuits...

Every woman knows this is a daunting & emotional task, one that won't improve with the above mentioned beer.

plus swimwear

Polka dot swimwear

Okay so I gave up mid blog & focused more on sleep & beer than swimwear... so apparently this is a 2 day blog...

The above swimsuit was what I was leaning towards.. polka dot, full coverage, a nice neckline with a bit of a retro feel to it!
Below is my other selection, similar but with slight differences...

Miraclesuit swimwear

Miraclesuit swimwear (clipped to

Both of these polka dot swimsuits are available from Evans who is having some rather incredible sales on swimwear at the moment.  Shipping to Canada & the US costs 8pounds & takes about a week. Not too shabby!

As I sat there drinking, tweeting & pondering a new swimsuit a friend sent them the following link for Get Go Retro and then all things went to hell...

Jungle Girl One Shoulder Swimsuit $109
*also available in leopard
Filled with retro wear in a variety of sizes, for a variety of shapes, Get Go Retro is one of the funnest online shops I've stumbled upon lately!
I know at least a few of my girls will feel faint after seeing this one;
Skipper Swimsuit
And I am sure any who know me in person would assume this darling cherry piece would be my suit of choice!

Cherry Tankini $118
 But it's not... It runs a close second but once I saw this suit, all bets were off!

Rockabilly Skull Tankini $130

One friend acclaimed it 'killer' once I posted it on facebook... At $130 it currently out of my price range (and IS killing me - does that count??) but it is at the TIP-TOP of my wish list.

Well right below a Pina Colada.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Full of Love

Sorry for an absence in blogs since Wednesday but I've been finishing up my last few days of teaching as well as starting preperations for my summer venture (more to come on that in another post).
Here I am though, ready with my first wedding post of the year!

As I mentioned last weekend, I love the local derby girls. I love one the most though, Pam aka Ryder Wong.  I haven't know Pam long, only a few months but it was instant friendship, through & through. Even several of her derby friends thought we had been friends for years. She is kind, generous with a compliment, has the sweetest smile & is fierce on the track!

What's there not to love??

Pam married her sweetie Trent this weekend & I was thrilled to share in their moment & eat some wedding cake!

I wish I had taken more photos & had my Canon Rebel with me, but frankly it didn't go with my look, lol. So just a couple pics of the night.

Pam's party dress was custom made for her & looked amazing on!! I wish I had a great picture of her shoes... killer leopard print heels that matched the flowered sash. I am a sucker for "matchy match" details, as my friend Jessica calls it.

My dress is one I found last spring at Addition Elle when I went looking for shorts with my gift card, but fell head over heels for it instead.  Judging by the reaction I get from my husband each & everytime I wear it, I still think I made the right call.

I just have to add that I was totally impressed with my hair  (& hope Vanessa will be as well). I'm pretty useless when it comes to styling my hair & so I usually stick with au natural, or a serious flat iron/teased big combo. This half updo thing with a wicked handmade cherry hairclip (made by the most talented Christine Patterson of I Do Cake Toppers) fit with the classed up rockabilly look I was going for, don'tcha think?



I hope that you will see & hear more about the adorable Pam in the coming months
(there has been talk of closet diving & booze?!).

My instagram for the night

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A broad Broad, abroad

*Welcome to my first guest post! I have mentioned Vanessa in past blogs & tweets but now you get the real thing! From time to time this East Coast born, Toronto living, hairstylist & fashionista will be writing about her experiences & take on fashion. You can follow her on twitter as her alter-ego, Kenicke Street.

I like to think of myself as a bit of a globe trotter. Every year or so I hop the pond and treat myself to a European jaunt. There are three things that keep me returning to the old countries: the sights, the food and the shopping!!!

There's nothing I like more on a sunny, Spanish afternoon than sitting at a cafe, enjoying a cervesa and ogling the locals. Europeans know how to kill an ensemble. Everyone is so put together and how they manoeuvre the cobbles in those heels I'll never know.
If Hollywood has taught us anything it's that every European is a vision of waify perfection. What my travels have taught me is that European woman, like the women the world over, come in all sizes. The difference between us North Americans and our European brethren is that the Euros recognize that there are women bigger than a size 10 and that we too like to look savage.
My favourite shopping spot that i have found abroad in recent years is a store by the name of Penney's (or Primark outside of the UK). I compare it to another European superpower H&M, but it has sizes up to a 24! and it's cheap!! I find more often than not, European stores carry up to at least a 16 but usually higher. 
Vanessa outside House of Lords salon in Toronto
The North American retailer, boxed in with small sizes that sit in the store, eventually hit the sale rack and then are recalled back to the company should take note of European retailers. I feel like Europe has a better understanding of supply and demand when it comes to fashion. Between Primark, Asos, Evans and many others, there are so many ways to keep us Full of Fabulous
dress: Primark (13 euro)
shoes: Walmart ($19)
headband: Ardene's
necklace: etsy (darling dilemma)

Monday, June 13, 2011

What's up, Buttercup?

This past weekend finally felt like June! We got three full days of sunshine, surpassing all expectations!  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, my friend Jen was visiting from Cape Breton for an all girl's weekend.  These are some photo's we took on our sunshiney walk on the trail near my home... just before we saw a snake & high tailed it home!
skirt by three hearts (which i can't seen to find online!)
This skirt is a favorite from last summer, that will continue to be a fav as long as it holds together! I searched for a black mini that would suit me for years - I kid you  not! I found this one at Winner's last year (& found an identical one in tan this year - SCORE!) for only $20. It has built in shorts underneath, which means I don't risk overexposure... hahaha.  It still feels like the best buy of the year, a whole year later...
excuse my squinty smushed face, i was probably talking... but i wanted to show off my Forever21 earrings
& Vogue Optical sunglasses
When I came across this top from Addition Elle I knew it was going to be mine. It is one of my favorite colours, a longer cut & had this great neckline with details.  Addition Elle is never cheap though & I often leave feeling disheartened. There is rarely anything in my style & it is always over priced.  This piece was special though & I was excited to find it. Every time I wear it I tell myself.. don't spill, don't spill, don't spill. And every time I wear it, I spill. I pack a Tide to Go stick in my purse when I leave with it on.
Am I jinxing myself??
Fun blue watch from Urban Outfitters (Quartz)
I found this perfect blue watch while in Toronto at one of my favorite stops, Urban Outfitters! It is just the style I was looking for - anything similar to the Micheal Kors... in one of my favorite colours (and only $25 too!).
This tunic style, light weight sweater is from Addition Elle
My legs are so white....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fabulous in Bruises

A lot of you viewers are friends & family so please don't be insulted by my next statement...
These are some of the coolest chicks I know.

Dressed up in the the team colours of black, silver & blue, The Razor Girls are part of the Fog City Rollers, our local flat track roller derby.  Fully accessorized with skates, pads, helmets & a healthy dose of tattoos these ladies are officially Full of Fabulous!

Opposing team The Scarlett Swarm

Since one of my best friends, Jen was visiting from Cape Breton I couldn't resist bringing her out to a bout as I knew the Rugby Girl in her would fall in love. 
I'm pretty sure that Auburn Rubber is now her personal idol & if Jen didn't have the baby bump she would have signed up on the spot.
Auburn Rubber, center
As cool as all these ladies are, & as much as I am starting to love them, my heart was still beating for Jen this weekend as we explored Saint John together, ate some great food & just caught up with each other.

Vegetarian Curry from Thandi's

It was so great to have an all girl weekend, since my son was camping & husband was out of town. With her first baby on the way I miss her even more & wish she were closer...

Jen, baby 'flicker' & I
 Just the one outfit picture of my dinner & derby outfit (my leggings are metallic pewter in solidarity Razor Girls!!), as we were so busy!
I will have a full outfit posting tomorrow, another from my weekend out!

What did YOU do this beautiful weekend?

*p.s. my friend Ryder Wong runs a Fog City Rollers blog, Fog City Blog - you should check it out! She's getting married next weekend, so expect to hear LOTS more about her when I attend the wedding!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Fabulous!

So a little bit about me... like I said in my first post - I work too many jobs.  I have 2 jobs, my own jewelry business, a child & a husband.  Several months out of the year, it all gets to be too much. 

Several other months, specifically summer, it becomes not enough.

You see my jobs revolve around the school calendar & so when school's out, I'm basically out of a job.  In the past I have spent my summer's either with my son or teaching art at various summer camps (which always meant my son got to come along for the fun - score!!).  Either way, a summer wardrobe was never a high priority. I was at home waiting out the heat in various cheap capris & tank tops, or I was making art & getting messy.

This year, it seems something new is on the horizon... something that will involve me looking much nicer, more presentable & possibly a big, floppy, wide brimmed hat!
Summer 11

Summer 11 by fulloffabulous featuring torrid
Turquoise Patch Print Voile Cami, $25
Pants, $49
Purple Floral Print Voile Cami, $25
Shorts, $44
Sunglasses, $9.50

If all goes as planned I will be spending several full days a week outside, selling my jewelry line to cruise ship passengers, tourists & locals. I'm going to need something comfortable, pretty & cool (I'm going under the assumption it will be hot out by then!!!).
The above seem like some perfect basics to last me throughout the summer but I'm thinking maybe a few sweet & fun items like these need to be added to the mix as well;

Sookie Skull Chiffon Dress from Torrid
Cherry Chiffon Ruffle Top from Torrid

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Fabulous Maxi?

My dream maxi dresses
Items from Yours Clothing

I don't like maxi dresses.
I don't think maxi dresses are a good idea for my body type.

But then I stumble onto something... I peruse Yours Clothing, (even though I'm without work or cash flow at the moment) & all of a sudden spot the above two dresses. I tried to pass them right by.. I really did! To no avail obviously.

Sometimes us girls, we just see something & know it is right... know it's the right cut/fit/colour even if it contradicts all previously uttered statements.
Just in the last month;
Me: I hate maxi dresses. I think they would look awful on me..
Me: A maxi dress on me is just a fancy mu mu...

Six summers ago I got married in what I thought/think is the most beautiful dress in the world. Check it out;

Dad & I. Dress custom made by Peach Berserk
Obviously I don't hate ALL maxi dresses!

So now that I finally found not 1 but 2 that I think would be perfect... I just have to wish for the dress fairy to bring them to me.. right?

*since writing this last night & tweeting how much I love their maxi dresses... announced a sale this morning on maxi's!! That's almost a dress fairy, isn't it???

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rambling Rose

My recent road trip from Saint John, New Brunswick to Toronto, Ontario wasn't exactly made up of outfit photos or even prime wardrobe choices (comfort over style when driving 10 hours a day!) but my son snapped these fun instagram pics & I thought I'd share them since it is raining out today. 

Wearing some Reitman's denim (which were always too short so have become capris now...) with an Old Navy tee & Walmart bolero. I'm hugely against Walmart's plus size line for their ill fit, bad sizing & cheap quality... but when seeing this colour bolero at $18 I just couldn't resist! Other's I have been eyeing at Addition Elle have been around the $50 mark & pretty much only available in black, white & red.

Birkenstocks & pink toes by OPI

Just a little pink on this grey east coast day...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Olive My Heart

                    If all summer Saturday's are as wonderful & fun filled as this one, I'm a lucky girl!  
I wore this outfit to my first Saturday outing (yes there were wardrobe changes, don't pretend you don't do it too!) for an all girl brunch at my friend Heather's.

 I bought the tunic top from ASOS online during a recent clearance sale & it was my first purchase from them.  With 4 gorgeous pieces totally $100 with free international shipping & everything fitting my 6ft, plus sized frame perfectly.- they have guaranteed themselves a return/frequent customer!

Brown leggings from Old Navy

necklace by Darling Dilemma on Etsy

The outfit was perfect for the weather & occasion. I love all the gorgeous detailing in this piece.


This is also my first post taking my own pictures. Using a tripod/remote combo was daunting (especially in such a public place)! I'm telling myself it will be better now that I got the initial one out of the way.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

OOTD; Toronto Edition

On the corner of Queen & Augusta, Toronto June '11
As I have now mentioned (several times) I just returned from a trip to Ontario. It rained most of my holiday but on my last day, in Toronto for my shopping spree, the sun was blazing & I was thrilled (although slightly hungover)! My friend snapped a couple pictures of my outfit & I thought I would share the (somewhat disheveled) results.

tunic top from evans (love the ruffles & sequin details)
pewter leggings from voluptuous

Steve Madden bag from StyleSense

Right before I hit the salon for much better hair... I promise!

Alright, I look grouchy but I promise you I wasn't... in fact I was having a marvellous time. This whole 'pose for the camera' thing is new to me, so I'll have to get in some more practice! 

*On a side note sadly Dom has decided to part ways with the FoF blog and focus on her other ventures (and trust me when I say she has plenty of them!). Have no fear though, I will continue on & already have several featured writers lined up for time-to-time posts!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fully Accessorized

I wish I could tell you that my dreams of vacation shopping were filled with amazing clothing finds.. but I can't. Ontario is just as much of a plus sized wasteland (unless some of you can site me specific examples??) as New Brunswick. In fact, if google search tells me anything, it is that all of Canada is severally lacking in plus size clothing options.  If I was a US chain like Torrid... I'd be thinking about that VERY hard...

Anyways, just because I didn't buy clothes doesn't mean I didn't shop. I shopped & shopped & the theme seemed to be accessorizing! Make up, bags, mounds of jewelry & one ultimate accessory!

tokidoki at sephora


This Steve Madden bag came home with me!

This is the point when I wish I could tell & show you my amazing pair of new shoes....

I didn't buy any. *pouts*
I DID photograph some to share with you though!!

I have some feet & ankles issues that prevent me from wearing heels but these wild creations made my heart skip a beat! Yes they are over the top. Yes one pair is rainbow glittered. But my inner Glinda or Beth Ditto wanted to dance!!!

Finally I finished my Toronto shopping spree with a woman's ultimate accessory... the perfect hair.

I always, always, ALWAYS visit Vanessa at House of Lords in Toronto when I am home. Often waiting beyond the fashionable amount of time between cuts & colours just so I can have her be the one to do it.
She really is that good.

*also I've asked her to guest post in the future - as a plus sized burlesque dancer, hers is a perspective you will LOVE to hear!

So there is a photographic overview of my Toronto spree (& photographic evidence for my husband's disapproval! ha!). What have your favorite accessories been of late?

Stay tuned for a vacation OOTD this weekend & until then,
Stay Fabulous,