Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Me

I've had to take a major shopping hiatus since I am currently career hunting so my wardrobe is getting a mix & match work out but I can't help dreaming about a closet revolution! A new me, a new look.

I'm thinking of florals for spring.

Great fits and perfect cuts.

Fabulous bold patterns.

A love affair with the bow.

And lastly I think I'd love to try out a pair of patterned jeans like these ones!

*All of these beautiful pieces I discovered on the Dorothy Perkins website which carries regular and plus sizes

Friday, February 15, 2013

Teal You're Mine

It is my favorite colour. If colour could be considered a noun, teal would be my happy place.

marble ring from Butcher's Daughter.
I'm on the job hunt these days so I'll admit there have been numerous pajama days writing cover letters and searching job boards but it also leaves the time to put together fabulous combos I haven't thought of before.  I love this sheer top from Forever 21+ and have worn it with black or white tank tops underneath as well as rocked it with a black strapless bra for a night of dancing once!
Cardigan from Reitman's, blouse Forever 21+

Necklace from local & online boutique Silver Daisy Designs

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Funny Valentine

A special Valentine's wish to all my readers!
May love in any and all of it's forms find you today.

We Love Color tights
Darling Dilemma necklace

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Taken from my Instagram; DarlingDilemma

Oh what a long hiatus!
If you are anything like me you have almost no interest in an excuse, only a desire to get back into the swing of things.

Recently my husband & I went on our first ever vacation together. It only took 12 years but it was fabulous all the same.  Since I have been staring at snow and sleet, ice and grey skies for a few days, I think it is only appropriate that I start back in Cuba, with some sunny shots.


Besides the sun, sand and surf it was pretty exciting to pack for our first tropical vacation and I was a bit obsessive about it.  I dragged the suitcase out a month before our expedition and left it open.  Every time I thought of something I wanted to bring, or came across something to buy I just added it to the suitcase. So here are some snapshots of my favorite vacation wear items;

One of my Walmart scores for this trip - my beach hat for $10!

Polka dot halter top from Heartbreak Boutique (necklace from my Etsy shop Darling Dilemma)

A bargain shopping find for $15!
My other successful Walmart find, the $30 swimsuit

And finally this fantastic cover up from Pennington's & some new shades!

It was a pretty fantastic first vacation and now that we have caught the travel bug the only question is, Where next?