Thursday, September 29, 2011

A lil wild...

What can I say? Another gorgeous fall afternoon, another opportunity not to pass up...

I've been dying to wear this new top I discovered on my Toronto visit to Forever 21.  I bought it the day I went red & was totally feelin' the fierce combo of the deep green & my firey hair.

The top is sheer & so to make it work appropriate I threw on a black cardigan I scored at WalMart. I know I know... but the one at Addition Elle was $69.99 & this one, with better fitting arms was only $18! I did score these black capris at AE though, last year at the end of summer sale.

I'm hoping I might find a black pencil skirt in my near future to really do this top justice but for today it was a fun way to make work wear a lil more wild.

Earrings by Darling Dilemma

Nail, OPI Red
P.s. the bracelet was a gift that my cousin brought me back from her Australian tour - amazionite & jade! I truly *heart* it & her!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Blog Series - Part 3, The Wedding

So I have managed to get 3 posts out of just one beautiful event, & trust me if I had of been on the honeymoon this might have been endless (which I am sure is just 1 of many reasons I wasn't invited along on that trip...). But today I end it all with the Wedding...

I'm not going to bore you with all the moments of a family & couple most of you don't even know, but let me give you MY top five...
Top 5 Moments
  1. Seeing my brother's face as his bride came down the aisle (ok seriously, I'm getting misty-eyed even remembering it!).
  2. My other brother, the best man, singing Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' at the top of his lungs on the dance floor, while jumping up & down & fist pumping. True story.
  3. My father moving his chair over to the pie buffet for a 'better seat'.
  4. Huge fireworks display set off by my cousin during which most of the guests spontaneously started a sing-a-long to Journey.
  5. Having the husband drunk enough that he allowed pictures, public kissing & even danced!
Yes I do realize that 3 of the 5 are song & dance related & honestly there were 2 other contenders for the top 5 that were music related. I've always wanted my life to have a musical episode &this wedding might have been it.

I was torn between the Whitney Houston video & this....

I think I made the right choice, as did these two...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OOTD: Indian Summer

Living in Saint John, New Brunswick seems to mean summer's filled with unpredictable weather.  We have had hurricane's, tropical storms, blistering heat waves, overcast for weeks, rain & of course, lots of fog.  But all that is behind us now, since fall has arrived.
Hasn't it?

We have had some of the best weather all summer, now that fall has arrived! That's right, Saint John is officially in the midst of a glorious Indian Summer!
Regretfully I missed taking outfit pictures til now since I am finally back to work but today I got up & out there in the sun...

I'm enjoying wearing 'real' clothes after a summer off & today I slide on my brand new skinny jeans from Forever 21+.  I scored these for only $16 while visiting Toronto a few weeks ago. Plus sized clothing for under $20?? Unheard of! The earrings are also Forever 21, purchased back in May - rainbow & animal print,  yes please!
Cardigan & shoes; George, Tee; Old Navy, Belt; Torrid, Purse; gifted
Tomorrow morning - Part 3 on the Wedding Series!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding Blog Series - Part 2, What I Wore

I promised I'd share my outfit today in part 2 of the Wedding Series!
Last month I visited Boutique Zekara in Rothesay, NB & stumbled upon the perfect dress for my brother's wedding. The thing is though, I didn't tell you which one I chose!  Check back to the post to see what my options from Cherry Velvet were.

While I seemed to deliberate... I truly didn't. The moment I tried this dress on, I knew it was the perfect one. So without any further delay, the dress!

Daddy-O & Me!
As much as I wish I had a picture of me twirling in my pretty dress, I was trying desperately to avoid being the 'embarassing inlaw' this day. 

$3.00 shoes from Winners
As you can see I chose the damask version of Cherry Velvet's Charlotte dress & after much shopping, endless pondering & searching for accessories (so many choices, should I go with purple, pink, red, teal..??!) I went with my already owned black & white oxford style mary jane shoes with a cardigan from George & a cute leather flower brooch from H&M, both in black. 

Brother/Groom & Me!
In perfect symmetry, the Cherry Velvet site is now up & features an online store! You can bet I'm drooling over the latest dresses.

I wish I had a picture of my super cute & glittery nails in purple that matched my husband's outfit & my handmade bag from Parker Buttons!  Stacy of Parker Buttons created this (currently) one-of-a-kind reversible bag for me in an enchino fabric that I have been coveting for almost a year!
Here is a closer look;

You can expect to see this bag with me often, & in it's reverse, slate grey form! Thank you again Stacy!

Great thing about this dress is the potential. The black & white lends itself to endless combinations & events. Pink bolero, or purple leggings? Heck ya!

Bride aka Sister In Law & Me
How gorgeous is my new sister in law in her dress? Check out my next post to see more detailed pictures of it, the ceremony & the partying that ensued!
(Plus as an exciting bonus... I finally talked my husband into letting me post a picture of him!! Proof he exists!)

*Oh, side note; I totally based my decision to dye my hair red almost solely on this dress.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wedding Blog Series - Part 1, The Preperations

Beauty is in the details...
The day before my brother's wedding we gathered together, two families & plenty of friends, to make all those details perfect, together.


It was said many times, during the day of the wedding, that a marriage is more than just the couple, it is the blending of two families but I think that blending happens the day before the event. The day that my mother spent with the mother of the bride, making the bouquets, the table arrangements, while I created 8 large arrangements for their aisle.

I think the union happens while setting tables, unfolding chairs, stocking the bar & sharing a meal together.

reception barn

Sharing a few last instagram pics from our day of preparations & rehearsing;


 Is there anything more beautiful than a wedding?

Stay tuned for Part 2 - my outfit!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Whip My Hair

Ya, I did it. I once again went for a dramatic change in my hair. Being blonde was excellent but my winter white skin is already encroaching on my look & so I felt it was time for a change.

I put it off a little longer than wanted in order to wait & get back to Ontario & my Vanessa.  I can't imagine making a dramatic hair choice without her. The day after Phil & Tiff's wedding I headed to Toronto so we could brunch then dye. Oh & shop... we totally shopped (that could/will be a whole other post!).

These are some different 'outfit' photos I took, showing more of my 'look' than my clothes.
shirt from Torrid
capris from addition elle, shoes birkenstock

I wanted to to a bit of a shoot on my parent's property without dragging out a tripod etc. the results were different, but I think fun!

Just a little look at my previous Ontario life...

So, what do you think of the new & latest, fabulous look?  Vanessa also turned my husband's shaggy locks into some seriously smokin' hair... but he won't let me show you. *giggle*

If you are in Toronto, or will be & want some fabulous hair, Vanessa at House of Lords is the only girl worth seeing.

Sorry folks, but I just can't resist ending this post with this;

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nice Day for a White Wedding...

Just got back home today after a whirlwind trip to Ontario & back! If you have been reading the blog lately you already know & have enjoyed the guest posts by lovelies, HeatherMelissa, Baye & Natalie. Didn't they do a fabulous job?!!

While most people road trip in the summer or vacation to warmer weather in the winter, this year we chose to do neither & side with love.

We spent about 2 days in out car (aka Boris the Yaris) travelling from Saint John, New Brunswick to Barrie, Ontario to get home in time for friend's Phil & Tiff's wedding.  As I mentioned before we are thrilled for this couple & so happy to have made it there to support them & this big life decision.  Tiff told me just shortly before the wedding day that while she was excited for the wedding, what she was really thrilled about was being Phil's wife.

Making her entrance... looking fabulous!
And it is Official!
It doesn't get much sweeter than that folks!

Well, other than this little munchkin, their daughter!

Several months ago I placed an order with Torrid, getting my first strapless dress EVER. I've saved it all summer for this wedding, matching it perfectly with a George cardigan & a necklace I made myself. 

I can't tell you how excited I've been to finally wear this! My favorite thing about it is definitely the bit of crinoline underneath. It adds a bit of special to the dress.

Floppy look pre haircut, leather rose from H&M, necklace handmade

My husband made me promise he would get photo credit for these outfit shots, so thanks babe for putting up with me!

Once again we want to send a big congrats & so much love to our friend's. Thanks for including us in your special day!