Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OOTD Goodnight Irene

By now everyone has heard of Hurricane Irene hitting the east coast. Luckily by the time it hit my part of the world it had been down graded & our city had very little damage.  Yesterday was high winds & tides.... today all was beautiful again.

In fact, it might be some of the best weather we've had all summer!
I took advantage of the amazing skies, misty blowing of the sea & hit the shore with my tripod.

Second hand skirt from Torrid. Top from Addition Elle (years ago!). Bracelet, Forever 21.
I've had this skirt for months now but keep forgetting that my wonderful friend Vanessa sent it to me from Toronto. Today was finally the day to wear it.  The top is a favorite but shows plenty of cleavage so isn't always appropriate - hanging at the beach with coffee & a friend seems cleavage appropriate to me!

A little fun in the sun (and a mad dash from the waves!)...

Saint's Rest Beach, Saint John, New Brunswick

Just an all around great summer moment, when there are so few left to be had...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shopping Cart Sunday v.6 - Big Girl Gone Wild!

Okay so I know all the bloggers are posting it, they are all talking about it & some are even already wearing it but I just have to say, I gotta have some cheetah print!
Cheetah in Plus Size!

Plus size dress, $68Plus size top, $42Plus size military jacket, $78Shoes
Belt, $24

These are some of my favorite fall 'must have' items with an obvious focus on cheetah/leopard print. Most items are from City Chic, an online shop I'm dying to try out, with a few additions from Torrid.
So how are you feeling about animal prints for fall? Have you added any to your wardrobe yet?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

OOTD Out of Africa

When I stumbled upon this linen skirt in a Winner's up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (one always stumbles onto things in Winner's, never finds) I knew it was making the trip back home with me.
I've had a fashion crush on long linen skirts most of my fashion life & I can only guess it steams from the impression one movie made on my youth romantic heart.
Out of Africa


Truth is I can never look at a long linen skirt or natural flowy blouse without calling to mind a safari visual! I won't dissect this long standing love affair to figure out if it was Meryl Streep & her fashion or Robert Redford's ruggedness that made the impression.
I'm just going to enjoy my new skirt.

skirt; winner's, tee; old navy
necklace; Darling Dilemma

*also take note that this OOTD finally incorporates 2 things I said I was going to try out... the maxi & a high waisted skirt. I'm not lying when I tell you this was the first time I tucked a top into a bottom since high school.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Michael Kors for me...

Maybe I've lived under a Canadian fashion rock for too long... but I had no clue that Michael Kors made a plus sized line (carried by bloomingdale's & macy's)! To be fair I haven't travelled to the US since I was 20, a size 12/14, wore bicycle shorts under mini dresses & a brown satin smoking jacket...

Belted Cargo Jacket $203
Actually have my tastes changed much?
Faux Fur Vest, $185

Cargo Dress, sale $77

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shopping Cart Saturday v.5

Okay - enough about shoes!!
Let's dig those heels into fall...

I know, you want to hate me just for saying it but with the September issue of all the magazines hitting the stands it is hard not to get excited about switching over my wardrobe & finding brand new pieces to incorporate into it.

So what am I most excited about this fall? Coloured denim & fabulous tights!
We Love Color, plus sized colorful tights $1
Purpe skinny jean from ASOS

Maybe I just want flashy legs!
Cuz something about these leggings with bows from Domino Dollhouse make me giddy!!

I'm also dying for these red skinny jeans from ASOS Curve line to mix & match with some of my favorite black pieces & a perfectly matching red belt I nabbed from Torrid.  I'm also envisioning them paired with a bold b&w blouse I love...

ASOS CURVE, Skinny Red Jean $60.34

So those are my Shopping Cart picks for this week - what is on your list of fall 'must haves'?

Friday, August 12, 2011


I love my life, my family & my country. The way I capture fragments of love to hold on forever is all the photos I take. I've decided to share monthly instagram photo collections with you.

This was my July.



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too Full of Shoes?

So,  my husband thinks I have too many shoes.

Now before you start envisioning a closet filled with a drool-worthy collection you need to know that my husband thinks that anyone "who owns more than 5 pairs of shoes needs their head examined," and that is a direct facebook quote my friends!

So before I go any further, I am sure you are all curious as too what my shoe 'collection' consists of. What is going on with my shoe rack that has my husband telling me, he thinks I have enough??
Here it is, in it's entirety (minus my 1 pair of pink & black winter boots that I'm not digging out yet, not even for a picture BUT can be seen in my background blog image);

This is clearly not an outrageous or out of control collection.  A few pairs of flats (all under $20), standard work shoes (under $100), sexy red boots scored on sale ($40)... nothing extravagant.

So how many is too many?
And what shoes are required/standards to be fully fabulous?

As seen in my latest Shopping Cart feature, pink shoes are feeling rather mandatory right now & truth be told, (& seen from my above photo) I don't really have a pair of 'fancy' shoes!
I'm also swooning over a purple pair of Reikers from Boutique Zekara that I posted here.

Of course new work shoes, winter boots & a great pair of rubber ones too, now that I'm thinking of it....
It is easy to get carried away!

In an attempt to justify, defend & prove my righteousness, I took to facebook & twitter and pulled out the question - How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Melissa, of the blog Sigh, Gush, Gasp with some of her favorite shoes in her 34 pair collection
A few followers admitted to over 100, some around the 5 pair mark, but most of us own somewhere between 12 & 30 pairs.

Obviously I'm falling behind.

If you are starting to think this post is just an excuse to prove a point & end a marital argument... you are totally half wrong.
I'm fascinated by the complicated relationship us women have with our shoes.

There are those of us who see them strictly as serving a purpose; sand, rain, snow, work.

Those of us with admitted addictions who haven't a real clue how many we have, or even what exactly is in our closet.

The connoisseur who saves money, knows the brands & buys the perfect pair, each & every time.

A lot of us are somewhere in between 2 of these.

I heard more than a few curvy chicks say that they buy too many shoes & think it is because it is easier to find a shoe that fits than an outfit.  Shoe size is irrelevant to body shape & size.
Now if only marketing firms & shoe companies would only pay attention to that idea & put some amazing curvy legs in their print ads.....

My prized red boots
Friend Misty in her Doc Martin's
Vanessa in sexy black pumps & tattoos!

Blogger Curvy Canadian who always looks fabulous with an extra side of wonderful

Someone obviously needs to hire me to tell them this stuff.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Guest Post on Lips Hips & FATshion Tips

Hello friends!
Instead of telling you about my weekend or lack of shopping lately I would love for you to cruise on over to the Lips Hips & FATshion Tips blog by Stiletto Siren. I am guest blogging today while she is on vacation in California!

You can check out the whole post here  & all of her other inspirational posts & fantastic outfits.
Enjoy the vacation Stiletto & stay fabulous!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shopping Cart Sunday v.4

The only actual thing in my shopping cart this weekend is the Cherry Velvet dress seen here, (have you made your vote yet?) but dress shopping has made me start to think of shoes & accessories to match!
I started to scour the Internet this morning hunting for the perfect hot pink flat. Why hot pink? It will match my chosen outfits for two different weddings & is a shoe colour sorely missing from my wardrobe!

If I could find it, I think this would be the one for me;

I've seen this shoe in various other colours & always in a high heel. I've fall in love with it every single time.  Problem is, due to severe ankle problems I cannot wear a heel... ever.
Imagine my delight when I saw the above shoe online today.
Now imagine my sorrow when I couldn't find it for sale anywhere.

My friend Melissa, from the blog Sigh, Gush, Gasp suggested I try Zappo's for my shoe hunt & here is what I turned up;
Me Too Ladon

Me Too Stellina
 I did enjoy the idea of these $325 Kate Spade beauties... for a brief moment until my reality kicked back in.

Kate Spade, New York Frankie

It suddenly occurs to me that I could try a great black flat & invest in 1 or 2 colours of shoe clips. Would further my investment & wear... These ones from etsy are rather adorable;

Ruffle Flower shoe clips by sunshineandcarousels on etsy

 So what would be your choice? Or maybe you have a great suggestion for me?

Also can no one mention this post to my husband... he already thinks I have too many pairs of shoes!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Picnic Full of Fabulous!

August 6th is our wedding anniversary & this year was our 6th celebration.  My totally sweet & occasionally romantic husband suggested that a picnic might be the perfect was to enjoy the moment.
I couldn't agree more.

A not so great picture of my wedding & engagement ring but a reminder all the same.
Bracelet is a necklace I made.
We travelled out of town to Fredericton as per my suggestion so that we could hit up the local farmer's market there for the perfect picnic treats. I also thought O'Dell park would make for the perfect backdrop to any romantic lounging on a blanket that might happen.  

He doesn't like photos so let's pretend this is a picture of the tree.

Of course a picnic also means appropriate picnic  wear. I was dreaming of a long flowery maxi skirt but since I don't own one I went with these cute shorts from Winner's and this summer top from Old Navy.

I made goofy faces in most of today's pictures as a result of my husband's antics

 I wish I had slightly better photos & fewer wrinkles (in my clothes! be kind!), but romantic picnics are not really meant for such concerns I suppose.

Favorite snap of the day. Ring gifted from Vanessa.

Thanks for sharing the best part of my week with me!
Stay fabulous!