Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love Me Tender

Okay so I've pretty much stuck to G-rated outfit posts on this blog (& no I'm not veering off that path!!) but with Valentine's Day coming & lots of long cold nights ahead of us still I thought I would share some amazing & sexy online finds!
I have heard at least once from every plus sized beautiful friend I have that they can't find anything sexy that fits. It is hard to find something that makes us feel comfortable enough to be confident and a lot of that comes from a proper fit.  While buying online can open a lot of new doors it is still daunting because we can't try the items on.  My suggestion is read the sizing chart carefully, measure yourself, check the return policy & then MAKE THE LEAP! Each time I try a new online shop I get a bit anxious but when the fantastic items arrive, fit & make me feel fabulous I know it was worth it.

This fall I purchased some amazing pieces from a City Chic sale (that I still haven't managed to photograph on the blog even though they are in heavy rotation?!?!) that I was super impressed with. Since I was so pleased with the quality, shipping & fit I can't help but list a few of their lingerie pieces at the top of my Valentine's Must-Have list.

The Coco Printed set is dreamy to me. I can not get enough of polka dot anything so combine them with a fit that was clearly designed for a plus sized frame & throw in a hint of retro vibe... I'm hooked!

The Coco Dot suspender skirt is so cute, flattering & ultra sexy that  it's guaranteed to make your valentine do a double take, any night of the year!!
Also, I just want to take a second & say - how awesome is this model?? Gorgeous, plus sized, curvy &  of a relatable age. Kudos to City Chic!!

Ok back to sexy things - two things I love are pink and animal print, these selections from Hot Plus Size Lingerie have got both!

Pink Leopard Print Babydoll

Flirty Bra Set

Embroidered Bustier
The downfall of Hot Plus Size Lingerie is that they currently only ship within the US, plus side is that shipping is only $7.95 & their prices are great!

Torrid has frequently be mentioned in past posts. It is easy to shop, sizing makes sense & they ship to Canada (although full disclosure - they overcharge for CDN shipping!). I'm a fan of Torrid's trendy & affordable pieces but have yet to purchase any of their lingerie. Strange since they have such fun & colourful choices!! The current selection of corsets have caught my eye...
Ruffle Corset
Leopard Print Corset
Teal with Lace corset
And guess what?? As I wrote this I received an email from Torrid announcing their semi annual lingerie sale! All lingerie is now only $24.99!!! I might take a blogging break to snatch up a few things...

Finally I want to share some pieces from a small but wonderful site called Domino Dollhouse. The pieces carried are always unique & possibly not everyone's taste but I love owner Tracey Broxterman's choices & the latest lingerie is no exception!

Classique Underbust
Polka Dot Bra & Panty set
Vintage Style Garter Panty
& Bra
Make sure to check out the Dominio Dollhouse site for new fashions & always fantastic photos!

So that, my friends, brings us to the end of my personal Valentine favorites this year.  Don't be a shy violet when there are so many amazing pieces to choose from... instead be Full of Fabulous!!


  1. Indeed a racy post, but very helpful! I find it frustrating because I am that in between size! I am not quite plus size, but not skinny either. Anytime I go to a store I am frustrated.

  2. Great picks! I love every one of them! I don't have nearly enough pretty undergarments, due to lack of money I tend to spend on the clothing that gets seen instead of the clothing just my hubby will see LOL. I'm so glad that the selection of plus sized lingerie is growing though!

    I agree about Torrid's shipping, I can't order from them because it's so insane! When I first found their site I put a top that was on clearance for $9.99 in my cart to see what shipping was. My jaw dropped when I saw! $30 shipping for a top! It doesn't make any sense, even if they wanted to charge exact cost of shipping it wouldn't be more than $5(and probably not even that much unless postage rates have gone up dramatically since I lived down there), and for their time the only thing that they have to do different than shipping inside the US is the customs paper, which takes like 5 minutes to fill out. So sadly, unless I got someone to pick something up for me down there and mail it to me I'll never buy Torrid until they get their act together when it comes to shipping. If City Chic can offer free shipping to Canada there's no reason why Torrid can't at least charge a reasonable amount. It's a shame because they do have some really cute things, they're cutting themselves out of the Canadian market with their shipping craziness.