Monday, February 13, 2012


One of the biggest reasons you haven't seen many outfit posts from me lately is that I've been working from home. My job has a few serious down periods throughout the year, January/February being one of them. During those slow times I try to focus my energies on my creative endeavors; painting, crafting & jewelry making. 
I have mentioned before that I have a line of jewelry called Darling Dilemma & since the only time I have gotten out of comfy clothes for style this last week was to snap some photos of my finished pieces I thought I might share some of those pictures with you instead of an OOTD post.

Blouse from Torrid, Necklace by Darling Dilemma

This necklace is a fun statement piece & could be worn with different styles.  When I make jewelry I always go with my instinct & preferences. I love pieces that can be worn everyday or dressed up in my own collection so I try to make them that way as well.

Tunic dress by Old Navy

Yellowing by Darling Dilemma
Jewelry & accessories in general are an aspect of fashion that I can't get enough of. Your size & shape have no relevance to a great pair of sunglasses (of which I always own about a dozen pairs!) or dangling earrings. In fact, bigger is better when it comes to sunglasses & necklaces as far as I'm concerned!

Sweet Purple by Darling Dilemma

The thing about great accessories is that a few new fabulous pieces can change your whole wardrobe, make it all seem fresh again! One of my favorite things is finding a fantastic new statement piece that works with an unworn or underused dress or blouse, making it a sudden new favorite.

Clearly I have an addiction to necklaces, sunglasses.. bags.. accessories!
What is your favorite accessory?

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  1. My favorite is bracelets and earrings! I have so many!