Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Always Dotty

I think most women have a favorite color. Some of us even have favorite colors for each facet of life; walls, shoes, lipstick, cars etc. (for the record mine is warm red, red, soft pink, hot pink & yet strangely I think of teal as my favorite color). So if you have a favorite color, surely you must have a favorite pattern!
On first thought you might think no not really, but think for a moment longer... are you on the chevron craze? Maybe for your sheets or throw pillows? When you open your closet are you bombarded with floral? Are you wild for animal prints or delighted by stripes?
For me it is polka dots. Always polka dots.

Even my favorite, well-passed-their-prime sunglasses are delightfully dotty!

These are some of my favorite spotted, dotted & polka'd items currently out there!
From top left corner, clockwise; eShakti, eShakti, Domino Dollhouse, Torrid, Torrid
Domino Dollhouse, ASOS curve, Evans, ASOS, eShakti

So what is your favorite pattern or color? Send me a tweet @FullofFabulous of you wearing your favorite!

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  1. Cute polka dotted stuff, I love that pink dress! I think my favorite pattern is probably a tie between polka dots and florals. :)

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