Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ruby Ruby

Who has influenced your style the most? Your mind might flip to an 80's pop star or a plus size icon but when you look through your favorite wardrobe pieces or long lasting accessories someone else might come to mind.
I have this Aunt who was the equivalent of a rockstar when I was a teen... she was a free spirited artist, natural red head & was known for being wild!
She was never without her favorite silver silver bangle, a pair of dangling silver earrings & always, always wore cowboy boots.
I've never embraced the cowboy boots, that was her signature, but sometimes as I slip on my bangle I know she must've made an impact on my style.
Top - City Chic, Earrings & bangle - Forever 21, Sunnies - Hakim Optical, Ring - Je Suis Prest

Who helped form your style personality? It has got me thinking now & I think I have narrowed down a few other influences!


  1. my love of "the bigger the better" earrings and scarves definitely comes from my mom

  2. I would have to say my earliest style influence came from my mom, she is still a great dresser!