Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fabulous Chic! City Chic Shopping Cart

On Friday, online plus size fashion store, City Chic had a flash sale of 60% off everything!


I'm relatively new to the whole online shopping thing when it comes to clothes, so each time I do order I like to try a new site.  60% off sounded like the perfect excuse to make City Chic my next stop! Oh and, (pay attention here, fellow Canadians) one of the best things about this site is that they actually ship to Canada for free!  I seriously cannot figure out why more & bigger clothing websites haven't managed this yet. I can often buy from UK based ASOS for zero shipping fees but somehow Torrid wants to charge me more that $30+ to cross the Canadian border...

So 60% off, plus free shipping AND... a coupon code worth an EXTRA 20% off led to the following delicious purchases...

Frill Hem Jacket with Belt
Love the cut of this piece! Puffy sleeves, funky belt and all on sale for only $39.20, regularly $98!
Can't wait to wear it with skinny jeans for shopping & form fitting skirts on date night.

Chiffon Flocked Spot Top
I think my love of polka dots is obvious by now, so this top should come as no surprise. At the regular $54 I would probably never consider this piece but for $21.60 I found it irresistible!

Velvet Leopard Print Jacket
I saved the best for last... for only $37.60 I couldn't pass up this beautifully tailored, velvet, leopard print jacket. Matching it up with a LBD, pencil skirt, jeans... even my pajamas! I want to wear this all the time, everywhere.
Looking for me? I'll be the one with the scarlet hair in leopard print.

Anyone else score some great deals from City Chic's sale?


  1. Love the things you got!! Especially the jacket with the little puff sleeves, so cute and what great prices!!