Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October vs. Em

Last night, after a particularly brutal day, I told my husband that I just couldn't wait for October to be over with. He looked at me puzzled and asked, why? I sat there staring at him in disbelief for a moment before shooting out, 'are you serious??'
My grandfather is in the hospital & grandmother is injured but home & the distance between my hometown & current home seems vast right now.  I miss all my family & wish I could be home during this tough time.  After struggling with the emotions of it all last week I set out of town yesterday for work, get an hour away to receive a phone call that my son is having trouble breathing at school! Crazed mad dash home down the highway, husband leaving work.. ambulance being called!!! Punchline is, he is fine & has a cold.  The unfunny part is, of course, the panic & stress these events put on this mama!

So I'm staring with disbelief at my husband & he says...'you went to new Brunswick's first fashion week as a blogger, you got yourself new boots, your hair is awesome, we've had tons of fun with friends, we got a kid free weekend & you won 6 cupcakes! how is October NOT awesome? You had a bad couple days babe.' and with a kiss on my forehead, he left the room.
Man I married a smart one!

So here is a look back at my month in Instagrams...

So what do you think of the new blog design?


  1. LOVE the new blog design! It makes me want to re-vamp mine. :)

  2. Great blog Emma! - Wonderfully honest tone and great photos. (esp love that shot of your red hair and matching nails).

  3. I am sorry to hear how rough October has been for you but it sounds like the awful was balanced out with lots of good :) Oh and next time you come to Toronto there are a few newer stores you might like! Gussied up is my new current favourite.

  4. Toronto in December Ruby - you'll need to send me a list or be my shopping buddy!! ;)

    Thanks ladies xo

  5. Love the new look! And I'm fully obsessed with the photo of the teal necklace ... paired with your hair colour it looks amazing! xoxo

  6. Thanks Candice! I snatched it from Silver Daisy during Fashion Forward & it has quickly become my favorite piece this fall. Now to just get it in an actual OOTD post!