Monday, October 10, 2011

Boutique Talk - PGal's Closet

Last week I took a short drive to the nearby town of Rothesay to visit the lovely ladies of PGal'sCloset, Baye & Patricia. 

There was a better picture of me with them but they are too smiley & gorgeous here, so they win!
This mother/daughter duo are known for their kind, sweet nature, beautiful looks & fabulous shop, PGal's (which is accompanied by Country Treasures the home decor side). You might remember Baye as a guest blogger while I was on vacation in September.  She told us all a bit about the Sympli line they carry at PGal's and after the blog post I figured I should check the line out for myself...

I wasn't 100% sold on Sympli before heading out to visit the ladies.  Currently the line is sizes 2 to18 & I wear a 20, sometimes even a 22 so I was concerned nothing would fit me properly. Patricia tells me that Simpli will be coming out with a plus sized line late this fall & though I am excited to see it, I needn't have worried... just as Baye told me.

Firstly, whether you are interested in the Sympli line or not it is always worth a visit to PGal's. The accessories, beauty products & home decor are always fully fabulous & the attention you get from all the staff is top notch.  It is another beautiful example of why I am SOLD on Boutique shopping.

Some of the lovely & cute items at PGal's! I adore this lip gloss!

Baye & Patricia played dress up with me for about an hour, trying different combinations of pieces from the collection & jewelry.

Chakra Tunic with Oliva leggings, Infinity jewelry scarf

The pieces are definitely forgiving, even to my size 20 body- feeling as comfortable as pajamas or yoga pants!  A few selections didn't quite fit my chest & not everything suited my personal style but most of the pieces were flattering.

Timeless tunic & the infinity frill scarf (LOVED this scarf.. I may have to come back for it ladies!!)

It is awesome how the collection is styled to layer, mix & match or even be worn with your own favorite pieces in your wardrobe.

Aria tunic with Culture cover, with my favorite Forever 21+ jeans & jewelry from PGal's
This outfit is probably my favorite look that I tried on, although the colour is maybe not the right one for me.
PGal's keep a selection of pieces that work together in stock in a variety of sizes but you can also custom order your pieces, mix & match! The Sympli line comes in a HUGE assortment of colours & takes about 6-8 weeks as each piece is made to order (all by women, Canadian women!!!).

The lovely Baye, showing of the huge assortment (36) of colours to choose from!
 You can be sure that when the plus size line is out I will be back out for another visit with the PGal's to let you all know about it...although truth be told, I probably won't be able to stay away that long.


  1. Oh I like the Timeless tunic on you! How did you find the material? I always worry about that kind of a fabric since if it is flimsy it seems to stick and highlight all the wrong places on me.

  2. Good questions because I completely know what you mean!
    Some pieces did cling but but I think that sizing would reflect that & in a plus size I might not have that issue. Also the fact that pieces are made to layer has a lot going for it with this fabric as it hangs beautifully. Check out the Sympli website to see some of the awesome layering they do!!!