Thursday, November 3, 2011

Boutique Talk - Manchester Shoes

Can you tell it was a pay week? All of my posts are shopping related!
Sunday I went uptown (yes in Saint John we have an 'uptown' but no with it) with my friend Monique to visit my friend Natalie at Manchester Shoe Salon in Market Square.
Natalie is in most women's dream; living amongst the shoes.

Now I know from past posts that not all women have the shoe bug but a majority of my reader's seem to & most of the plus sized women I know do. My theory on it is this - shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, & accessories in general are a 'size doesn't matter' purchase. It makes us bigger girls feel like the 'rest' of consumers. You can wear a size 22 dress and still be the perfect size 6 or 7 shoe with endless possibilities before you. You can fit into an XL blouse in a handful of shops but you have bags & clutches in every conceivable colour.
I bet I'm describing at least a few of you...

There is a particular issue that can be difficult for larger sizes or larger legs & that is boots. So many women struggle in the store with zipping up that perfect knee high boot. It is heartbreaking to fall for a boot, find it in your size but as you slide your foot in & begin to zip  up the back or side, realize that the zipper only makes it halfway up.You will mostly be out of luck in mall shoe stores & big box retailers at that point but shoe shops like Manchester Shoes have so much more to offer!
Monique & I were like giddy girl's as Natalie laid out a huge selection of wide calf boots & adorable booties (fashion & waterproof) & we ooooo'd & aaaahh'd over their bags, scarves & clutches.
The three of us put together several pieces to highlight just a few things you can find at Manchester Shoes. Take a look...

Blondo Tall Black Riding Boot (Waterproof & Wide Shaft) “Viviane” $225
Totally waterproof, wide shaft & made in Canada... not sure a boot gets much better than this Blondo Tall Riding boot! Monique thought they had a cool rocker look to them & I can't say I disagree.
I've honestly never had a boot this high on & although I've known there were wide calf boots, I hadn't come across them til Manchester Shoes.

Really liking the look of my lace tights with the boots. Rocker chic?
Next we got Monique into some Remonte Dorndorf booties!

Zipper Zig Zag purse $70
This is the same designer as my recent bootie purchase  paired with a Joanel 'Zipper Zig Zag' purse. Monique is like me, caught up in the details, so she loved the zippers on the bag & folds of the boots.  Booties like these are a fabulous alternative to a full sized boot if you are worried about wide calves or want something with the fashion of a boot but without the bulk.

Remonte Dorndorf Tan Slouch Bootie “Federica” $170
Afterwards I tried on this 'brown' pair of Aerosoles boots which really have an almost olive colour to them, which is gorgeous. These boots have a zippered calf extension which you can adjust as needed to expand the boot AND.... these gorgeous boots are only $140!! 

Aerosoles Tall Brown/Olive (Wide Shaft Extension Zipper) “Mezzotint” $140
I couldn't pass up the chance to pair this with one of the many Fossil bags in the store. This canvas one looks great with the colouring & texture of the boots.
Fossil Brown/Olive Canvas Purse $105
Stay tuned for my second post featuring MORE fabulous finds from Manchester and a very special birthday giveaway....

(If you want to stay a step ahead of the game.. .make sure you like Manchester Shoe Salon & Full of Fabulous on facebook *hint hint* )


  1. cute outfit! loving your tights and im loving your friends booties! :)


  2. I meant to post earlier this week that I love you new layout.

    Also I IN LOVE with that Fossil bag!!!