Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Fabulous, Forever 21 OOTD

Blouse; Reitmans. Vest; Torrid. Jeggings & shoes; Forever 21

This week I've spent more time driving to work than actually working so I needed outfits that would come out still looking good after being seatbelted in.  Luckily my Forever 21 order arrived just in time!
These shots are from a favorite New Brunswick town, St. Andrews. In the summer it is bustling with tourists, locals & those of us locals on day trips. Come autumn though the town becomes quiet again, and I might just like it even more... 

Love my fabulous leopard flats!!
The streets are quiet & traffic moves by slow & unhurried. The boardwalk & shops uncrowded & I can see everything I want to see...

And of course outfit photos can be taken without strange looks, which is always a bonus.
Hair tip? When in the wind, go for the 'messy' look...
These Forever 21+ jeggings are fabulous! So fabulous (at $13.50!!!!) that I might have bought 4 pairs.... expect plenty of jegging sightings in the blog future.

Since I love my province & this little town, I thought I would leave you this; Rick Mercer's recent visit here to whale watch!

In case you missed Friday's post, I am having my first giveaway in honor of my Birthday! Make sure to enter before the 11th for your chance to win!


  1. I have the F21 shoes in the other Leopard color, haven't worn them yet though, I've been on a boot kick lately. I have the Jeggings too, but while they are comfy they won't stay up LOL! I just wear them around the house because I'm constantly having to yank them up.

    The town looks beautiful, I really want to see that part of the country one day.

  2. You look super cute, and as always your hair is AMAZING.