Monday, November 14, 2011

Recently I wrote a post about bravery & my pursuit of it.  When Katie from Boutique Zekara called me recently & asked if I would be a model in their upcoming fashion show I quickly said yes without hesitation, feeling brave.
I felt less brave the night of though.  Silly girl I am, as I now look back at the night & the photos taken by local photographer Beaver Smith of bigdayfoto & realize my age & size (& of course hair) made me a fun addition to the runway.  I may not have felt brave in the moment... but I feel pride after the fact & that is an accomplishment as well.

You might recognize this dress as the one I almost bought for my brother's wedding in September.  It is from Cherry Velvet. Super cute!

In fact all these pieces are from Cherry Velvet! This is one of their new styles & I can't lie... it wanted to come with me!! It is styled up a bit here but I had leggings under it at one point & it would be great for casual too.  It might have walked out ON me if it wasn't pretty much sold right off my back! Boutique Zekara has other styles, fabrics & colours though for those of you who just fell in love with it.

Of course this holiday dress from Cherry Velvet was the show stopper! There were actual oooh's and some aaahhh's as I walked down in this gorgeous number! This dress is a brocade & I felt like I was glowing in it when it was combined with my hair.  My husband is almost insisting I buy this one...

So I moved outside my comfort zone, walked the red carpet & in the end feel braver for it... Success!

And finally, for those of you who entered my Birthday Giveaway with Manchester Shoe Salon.... the winner is Julia Hurst! Coincidentally Julia also has a blog, Fortunate Fool so I can't wait to see her post  what she purchases with her $50 gift certificate!

Thank you again to the wonderful Natalie from Manchester Shoe Salon... I'm heading uptown today to purchase my big new bag that I've had on layaway, as a birthday gift to myself!


  1. you are so so SO awesome and gorgeous too!

  2. You look fabulous. Sorry I missed it. I so would have wanted to walk out with that dress too.

  3. Emma, you NEED to buy that brocade dress! It's so pretty on you, and perfect for the holidays! I love it!