Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

On the East Coast we have been experiencing some seriously mild winter weather. In fact, less than two weeks until Christmas & we have no snow on the ground!

Getting in the Christmas spirit has been a struggle this year, with long work days, no snow & the decision to not put up a tree (we will be flying home to spend Christmas with my family so it seems unnecessary & frankly a bad idea with two cats in the house...).  I decided that a wreath would be an out-of-reach & appropriate amount of Christmasness for our new home & ventured out in the chilly but non snowy day.

It has taken me a long, long, LONG time to find a winter jacket I would even consider buying. So many plus size jackets are unappealing, ill fitted, poorly lined or all three.  I've looked every year, settling on WalMart substitutes to get me through but decided it was time to really hunt one down! LL Bean had a few possibilities but my mother swears their return policy is the worst & suggested Eddie Bauer instead.  I was very impressed with their selection of winter coats, varying in warmth & length.

Being 6 feet tall most waist length coats don't work for me, especially when we are talking about a winter coat. I can't stand having a coat ride up, even a little, leaving my back exposed to cold winter winds!! I chose the Slope Side down jacket specifically for it's warmth, length & colour.

Now I ordered mine last year in eggplant which seems to have been replaced now with a new olive colour - another favorite colour of mine!! It is also available in a grey & cream.
Eddie Bauer, Slope Side $199

My hat is a fabulous Etsy find that I also own in purple, from TangledArts. Super soft, great fit & awesome colours. My mitts are recycled sweater mittens from Eco Fab Mama a local business/online shop that supports the talents of many New Brunswick crafters.

And the idea that started the day... the wreath! I picked my wreath up at the local Pumpkin Patch, a beautiful double wreath that I decorated myself.

Now my life has a little more Christmas in it & I'm feeling a little more in the spirit!

In that spirit I announce the winner's of my most recent giveaway from eShakti!
Melissa from Sigh Gush Gasp & Anita from Thick Threads
are BOTH winner's of $20 gift certificates from eShakti!!! Check your email's today ladies & I hope to see outfit posts with your winnings in the future...

Stay Fabulous

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  1. i need a new jacket i will have to have a look at this, im like you its taking me a long time so i know what u mean, glad you found out! and yaaayyy sooooooo glad i won the giveaway! :D :D :D