Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santa Baby...

Let's just ignore the elephant in the room... the one that hasn't written a post in awhile cuz she was moving & being overworked? K, thanks!

So some how fall whizzed by & we are in December already! Once the 1st rolls in I find myself consumed with decorations, to-do lists & shopping. Although frankly, when am I not thinking of shopping??
instagram'd beauty
Since it is that time of year when I save all my pennies for my adorable GingerKid & handsome hubby I thought I would put together a Christmas wish list of my own.  There are far too many beautiful winter items I've been dreaming of & if my husband or mother just happen to read this post (which they assure me they do actually read the blog...) & find some gift giving ideas, so be it!

At the top of my list is this amazing wool dress, or tunic from eshakti!  I adore everything about it - colour, cut, pockets, and check out that collar!! I envision feeling toasty warm in the wool, with leggings, tights or even some skinny jeans underneath.

Polka Dot pencil skirt $55, Metallic Knit shift dress $61, Chino Pants $41
These lovely winter selections are all from the ASOS Curve line.  Maybe I've got a thing for red but their particular shade of red this season, almost a cranberry, is my favorite!!
I want to make all these beautiful pieces mine & the fact that their shipping & returns are free makes shopping with ASOS an awesome choice.

The Peggy Dress, $195

Of course I can't let the chance pass by to mention the Cherry Velvet dress I modelled at a local fashion show recently. Local shoppers can find this Canadian line at Boutique Zekara but the dresses are also available online.
* Honey, I'm sure any one of our friend's would gladly show you the way there.. & I'm sure Karen or Donna would even show you to the dress - just sayin' *

Up next my wish list of accessories!

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  1. I adore all of the Cherry Velvet dresses! HOw have I never heard of this line? I must own a dozen!!!