Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guest Blog; Simpli Baye

Right about now I'm gearing up for the big event - my brother's wedding!  There will be preparations, rehearsal dinner & I heard rumors of a bonfire the night before! Gee... I guess I need to pack a cute bonfire outfit!
I'm super excited about today's guest blogger, the most adorable Baye! Baye isn't a blogger but a fabulous tweeter, a cupcake queen & like a said... ADORABLE! I'll let you see for yourself, but trust me when I tell you this won't be the last you see of her...... *something up our sleeves*

Sympli is Simply the Best

For all the women that have squeezed yourselves into slimming undergarments in order for you new dress to look perfect, been afraid to eat another bite at Christmas dinner in fear of the button on your pants popping off, or been totally stuck while packing for you dream vacation due to the hassle of ironing adorable dresses. Well ladies, be "outfit conscious" no more!

Canadian made "Sympli" is an amazing line of clothing suited to everyone. Sympli is a heavy jersey material available from sizes 2-18 (the plus size collection is debuting this fall!) in 36 different colors! Talk about versatile!

The jersey is amazing, especially for travel as it is wrinkle resistant and no fuss - its easy care fabrics can go in your washer and hang to dry - ball it up in your suitcase and go! With most pieces fitting generously you feel beyond confident and beautiful in it. Another benefit of the heavy jersey? It truly does NOT cling! With Sympli I can wear the same outfit as my friend in a size 2 and look just as good ... maybe better! Meanwhile, you feel like you're wearing your pajamas - perfect!

Me at the Pgal's Closet Sympli Trunk show in April '11. I am wearing the Pallazzo Pant and Kimono in Black with my own denim jacket and infinity jewellery scarf from Pgal's Closet.

Sympli is all hand made in Vancouver by women for women. Working mom's are their number one resource and are dedicated to promote positive self-image encouraging women of all ages, shapes and sizes to wear clothes with confidence and as a compliment to their personality, mood and to forget the myth that they would be happier with a "perfect body" The White House Design Company proudly supports the Looking Glass Foundation, a non-profit organization based in BC run by a group of passionate mothers who are making a difference by trying to bring happiness and positive futures to troubled youth struggling with eating disorders. (For more information check out the Looking Glass Foundation at

Sandra Miller of Sandra Miller Floral Design at the Trunk show wearing the Sympli Chakra Tunic, Urban Cardigan and Diva legging all in black - jewellery is from Pgal's Closet.

Me at the trunk show wearing Sympli's Deep Pocket Tunic in black.

Sandra Miller again looking stunning in the Rhythm tunic, Rhythm coat and cigarette pant in Currant.

Pgal's Closet is owned by - my fabulous, if I do say so myself, mother - Patricia Gallagher and is located in Rothesay, New Brunswick; attached to it's sister home decor store, Country Treasures. All Sympli pieces can be ordered from there and takes about 8 weeks to arrive by special order; the in-store collection, however, is always great!

Sympli is available at:

Pgal's Closet/Country Treasures
116 Hampton Road
Rothesay, NB


As well as at the beautiful & seasonal;;
Pgal's Closet featuring Boutique Zekara
172 Water Street
St. Andrews by the Sea, NB


You can check out more Sympli looks at: &


  1. Thanks for the great blog Baye! Can't wait to come out for another PGal's visit soon!

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