Monday, April 30, 2012

The Rollerball!

A few weeks ago I visited the local theatre for a showing of Moulin Rouge in support of the Imperial Theatre. This weekend I had the pleasure of attending another local fundraiser, for The Resource Centre for Youth (TRC), a local not-for-profit organization. "The Resource Centre for Youth (TRC) provides a safe and encouraging environment for our youth to explore their full potential."

The organization had the brilliant idea to host a 'Rollerball" as a fundraiser for the centre, featuring a derby game by our local Fog City Rollers as the entertainment!

The idea was to get all dressed up for cocktails but watch a derby game. They served mini burgers (even vegetarian ones!) & of course drinks. There was a silent auction, as well as a live one but those derby girls demand some serious attention!

I'm really starting to fully embrace the idea of fundraisers, especially their potential for wearing fabulous clothes! Before moving to the east coast I had my favorite hometown charities who's events I always attended but it is only recently, after fully falling in love with my adopted city of Saint John that I have discovered new places to support, events to attend & people to adore!
Check out one of the organizers/youth workers, my friend Letti & I!

We have rockin hair & are generally awesome.
Besides being full of fabulous in her own right, she is also shares my love of crafts & glitter. Check out the fully fabulous Rollerball Trophy she made!!

 I wish I had great photos of my adorable dress but the lighting was dim. I have one picture of Letti & I in our dresses (mine from Torrid, her's from Pennington's) but we look like some strange breed of cheerleaders with our awkward poses. (I really really need to figure out the proper stance for having my picture taken! You think after doing this for almost a year I'd have it figured out, but clearly not.)
However I've worn this dress before on the blog as you can see here so I decided to snap some close ups of the accessories I chose this time.

Tiny & cute rosebud necklace from Forever21 - love that the chain is pink too!

These earrings were one of my first etsy purchases..about 4 years ago!

A score for $8 a WalMart! I've been looking at similar much more expensive
alternatives to this lately so this was great last minute find.
If I truly love them, a more expensive, long lasting pair can be found

In keeping with the pink, I threw on these long lasting leggings from
Voluptuous in Toronto for some extra color!


  1. you do the layered look and the leggings oh so well, Fabulous dahling!