Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Real Heartbreaker

Ever walk in a shop and feel a sense of excitement, a buzzing?

It's rare, right?

Heartbreak Boutique in uptown Saint John has that excitement and gives me a serious buzz.
I don't know if it is all the fun patterns...

The variety in sizes...

Or owner, Pam's huge smile and giddy excitement over her own shop!

Located at 80 Princess Street, the boutique is the latest gal to join the uptown in-crowd but with her own distinctive style and flare!  Heartbreak, like owner Pam, has a serious crush on the retro styles of the pin up girls and rockabilly stars.

My favorite items are the dresses without a doubt but Heartbreak also has fantastic tee's & cardigans, as well as men's clothes and lots of fun accessories!

Pam tells me that there are more plus sized items coming in all the time, so if you haven't been in yet, or haven't visited recently put it on your to-do list!

Heartbreak Boutique
80 Princess St, Saint John.

Monday thru Wednesday - 10 to 5:30
Thursday & Friday - 10 to 7:30
Saturday - 10 to 4

*side note: Heartbreak Boutique is also THE spot to get your derby gear.. skates, pads, helmets and all the etc. are available in shop and to order plus as a bonus you can visit the Rollerball trophy!

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