Friday, September 9, 2011

Guest Post: Hello Heather!

So glad to have Heather of Gully Beads & a great friend, be my first guest blogger while I am off in Ontario (hopefully soaking up sun & drinking mojitos..).  Heather makes fabulous jewelry & is also a graphic designer - you can find her on twitter, facebook & her very own website with blog included!

First let me tell you it's great to be guest blogging today on Full of Fabulous, and what's more fabulous this season than nails?!

I have a huge nail polish collection it may even rival my shoe collection and this year nails are HOT and it seems anything goes. Everyone seems to have a different take on what the hottest colors this season will be. Neutrals are high on the list but judging by some of the color pallets from OPI I think it's safe to say anything goes.
My favorites of the season is Nice Stems by OPI.

OPI Colours Left to Right: Black Shatter, Come to Poppy, Play the peonies, I lily love you, Be a dahlia won't you and Silver shatter

Pictured here is 'Play the peonies', with a top coat of 'I Lily love you'!

Today I want to share with you two growing trends that have been out all summer but show no sign of slowing down in popularity.

1. Sally Hansen nail pens, used to draw on your own designs on top off your favorite colour.

2. Shatter by OPI, it creates a crackel effect on top of your favorite colour polish.

Both trends are available in multiply colors. I'm going to test the black Sally Hansen nail pen and the Shatter by OPI in Black and Silver.

I'm sure like me, many of you like the idea of drawing on your nails but your saying can it really be that easy. The answer I'm afraid is, NO! I liked to think I could accomplish this adventure into the art of a nail pen but alas I don't have the patience for it. Overall I didn't like the finished product (as I'm sure you'll agree by the photo below).
It is really hard to draw on your nail and the pen is not as fluid as polish on a brush.

Nail Colours from top to botton: Mauving to Manitoba, Yodel Me On My Cell, Didgeridoo Your Nails and Come to Poppy
(I just can't get enough of the 2 cute names)

The second trend is was Shatter by OPI, I first purchased the black and I fell in love, which led to the purchase of the silver. *note from Em ~ it was Heather that got me hooked on Shatter too!
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 and you'll love the results - no special skill required! You use your favorite polish for a base coat let dry completely (10min) then apply a top coat of shatter, application is easy with OPI's new wide brush. Apply in one swipeas it doesn't allow for multiply coats then watch it shatter.

Simple and beautiful. Another added bonus is when your polish has started to chip but you don't have time to do a polish swap, hit it with shatter and it will look revived.

Overall I think the Nail pen at $8.99 is for people who have a lot of time on their hands (insert corny pun here) and want to perfect the art of the nail pen but if you want more bang for your
buck, I totally recommend the Shatter by OPI $9-$11 per bottle for a no muss no fuss awesome finished look.

Stay Fabulous,


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  1. Great nails & great post! Thanks Heather! Let's go for manicures soon!!!