Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homeward Bound

Yes I'm in my car, but no I'm not driving so please don't hassle me about dangerous driving
Well by the time you read this I will be en route to Ontario!
I am heading back to my hometown for 10 days & 2 weddings & I have to admit I am beyond excited about the whole thing.

Our first stop will be Edmunston to spend a night with my husband's Aunt & Uncle before we make our way to Montreal for an evening with my gorgeous cousin, Noelle & her adorable family. From there we will make the drive home & arrive mid day Friday. Saturday is the first wedding, so needless to say it is a jam packed trip!

Our friend's Phil & Tiffany are an adorable couple, with an even more adorable daughter Claire (sorry guys, but she IS way cuter than both of you combined, just sayin'). We couldn't be happier that these two found each other & are finally joining us in the 'husband & wife' category!
I can't wait to show you the dress I picked out from Torrid for their wedding & how I style it.

The second big event for us on this trip, is actually HUGE... one of my younger twin brothers, Noah, is getting married to the gorgeous Mary Claire.  I mean this is huge for me. So big I don't even have words.  Let's just say I get teary thinking about it.
It is going to be an outdoor/barn wedding & I'm sure the photos I have to share from that day will be magnificent! As will the Cherry Velvet dress & a few surprises I have up my sleeve!

While I am away I have some awesome guest bloggers lined up for you so make sure you are following via google friend connect of bloglovin' to keep up to date (& this may help with an upcoming blog giveaway... hint hint).  Check back tomorrow for my first guest blog post ~ Heather from Gully Beads!

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  1. Have a safe trip! It's funny you are heading to Ontario and I am heading out east to Halifax, actually next week...

    I hope both weddings are fantastic :)