Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nice Day for a White Wedding...

Just got back home today after a whirlwind trip to Ontario & back! If you have been reading the blog lately you already know & have enjoyed the guest posts by lovelies, HeatherMelissa, Baye & Natalie. Didn't they do a fabulous job?!!

While most people road trip in the summer or vacation to warmer weather in the winter, this year we chose to do neither & side with love.

We spent about 2 days in out car (aka Boris the Yaris) travelling from Saint John, New Brunswick to Barrie, Ontario to get home in time for friend's Phil & Tiff's wedding.  As I mentioned before we are thrilled for this couple & so happy to have made it there to support them & this big life decision.  Tiff told me just shortly before the wedding day that while she was excited for the wedding, what she was really thrilled about was being Phil's wife.

Making her entrance... looking fabulous!
And it is Official!
It doesn't get much sweeter than that folks!

Well, other than this little munchkin, their daughter!

Several months ago I placed an order with Torrid, getting my first strapless dress EVER. I've saved it all summer for this wedding, matching it perfectly with a George cardigan & a necklace I made myself. 

I can't tell you how excited I've been to finally wear this! My favorite thing about it is definitely the bit of crinoline underneath. It adds a bit of special to the dress.

Floppy look pre haircut, leather rose from H&M, necklace handmade

My husband made me promise he would get photo credit for these outfit shots, so thanks babe for putting up with me!

Once again we want to send a big congrats & so much love to our friend's. Thanks for including us in your special day!



  1. wow you looked amazing! lovely dress! that print rocks and the pink cardi over it! just gorgeous outfit! love it! amazing! cant get enough of it! :)



  2. love the dress! i love the feeling of saving something for a special occasion and then loving every minute of wearing it : ) love the close up shot too! pretty makeup!!

  3. That dress is just perfect and you look so gorgeous in it!! I love the floral pattern!