Sunday, May 22, 2011

Packed Full of Fabulousness

So like Dom, I too am off soon for a mini va-cay to Ontario! Dom will be off to Mississauga/Toronto area to cheer on our local Sea Dogs hockey team while I am off to see my nearest & dearest!
It is hard to resist a meet up for crazed shopping sprees, seeing as we will be there at the same time, but alas our schedules will likely not sync.  That being said, I think it is safe to say you can expect shopping posts from both of us upon our returns!

So it looks like I will be in my hometown & surrounding areas for 5 full days (with 2 days on either end of that for driving!) & I'm excited to pick & pack all my fabulous outfits! We have had a sudden & drastic change in weather here in New Brunswick the last few days but for the most part I haven't had the chance to wear much 'warm weather' clothing yet this year!
This is definitely an area of my wardrobe that needs to expand!!
Couple pairs of capris, few skirts & 1 summer dress, totally don't make a season's worth of outfits!

I recently picked up what I predict will become a summer staple, a beige mini with cargo flare (& built in shorts underneath which is a TOTAL blessing as an active mom & with warm summer thighs... ah the realities of plus size are glamorous sometimes!).

This skirt is from Three Hearts, a brand I'm not familiar with, but I found for only $20 at Winners!! The skirt is heavy cotton with some stretch & absolutely great quality. A perfect find.

Some other things I'm looking forward to breaking in on this trip are my more 'fancy' or 'night time' clothes.
An amazing pair of crazy silver grey & metallic skinny jeans from ASOS Curve (scored from their latest sale along with a few other dreamy items!) are jumping at the chance to get on the dance floor!!

Also waiting for the light of day is a navy blue tunic style piece that a beautiful friend in England scored me from Evans.

So while Dom is looking forward to getting new clothes on her vacation, I'm ready to show mine off!
Now who wants to take me out?


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