Thursday, May 19, 2011

Forever... Fabulous?

Hello Fabulous!

Oh, wait. That’s me!

Just kidding! Hello to you too, fabulous reader. Thanks for dropping by!

With all of this dreary weather we’ve been having lately, it’s been difficult to fuel my style mojo. The more dreary the skies are, the more black I wear each day as color just doesn’t seem appropriate. With today’s outfit choice being head to toe black, I have my fingers crossed the fog will finally lift and we’ll see the sun for more than an hour this weekend. (Please? Pretty Please?)

With dreary weather also comes a dreary mood to match. I have a bone to pick and Forever21, I’m lookin’ at you, kid.

I am desperately trying to build a Spring wardrobe. As you may have seen in my previous post, retail shopping is impossible because no local retailers carry my size. Online shopping is impossible because barely anyone ships to Canada, those that do have ridiculous shipping charges or sell out of what I want faster than I can type my credit card info into the checkout.

Forever21, I thought you were going to be my knight in shining armour. My light at the end of the long, dark, narrow tunnel that is plus size shopping. My Prince Charming to this Cinderella princess.


You came close. With your gorgeous, affordable fashions and free shipping to Canada with an order of $60 or more. The second I started browsing your Canadian website, I put on my bedazzled party hat and was ready to do the happy dance..

Luckily (or unluckily?) I figured out what you were up to, and this just isn’t cool. I’d like an explanation!

Exhibit A: This SAME top is listed at a higher price on your Canadian website. As fashionistas and shopaholics alike all know, the Canadian dollar has been at par or better than the American dollar for weeks now. What the heck, Forever21?

$4 isn’t THAT much. But if you’re buying 10 items with a difference of $4 each, that’s $40 I could spend on 2 additional pieces.

Exhibit B: Not all of the amazing items available on your USA site are featured on the Cdn site. Huh? You’re already charging me more money for what you DO have available. Can’t we make a deal? Use the amount you’re overcharging me to make available the other 4 items I want not currently found on the Cdn site so I can at least have them shipped to my country? If I order through the US site that means I have to drive an hour to the border town of Calais, Maine to pick it up since you won’t send it to me here in the great white north. We’re attached to you! Our countries touch each other every day. Show us some love! (Please don’t overcharge us for the same product and then not even offer to cover my gas money to pick it up!)

Cdn Shopping Bag, 3 items, $69.40, delivered to my house.

** Correction! The last top has sold out in my size since I began typing this post. Down to 2 items and I no longer qualify for free shipping. Bummer.

USA Shopping Bag, 6 items (3 dresses!!), 129.80, delivered to Calais, Maine, 2 hours of driving + gas money (And, uhh, who goes to Calais without going shoe shopping?).


I was *thisclose* to giving in and placing my order before realizing cross border shipping has been ridiculously slow lately. I probably wouldn’t get them in time to go away to Toronto next week (which is where I wanted to show off all of my new duds) and since there’s a 21+ in one of the malls close to my hotel, I’m going to wish on every star I see that some of the pieces (or better ones!) will be available in the store.

Wish me luck Land of Fabulous - hoping for a positive post, when I’m back from my mini vacation, all about my shopping adventures and new wardrobe from the big city!

– D.


  1. Hey there! I am a Canadian plus size fashion blogger too! And I'm from Toronto. The Fairview mall location has an awesome range of stuff. There's lots that isn't even on the website :D

    If you're in Toronto on June 4, you should come to this event my other blogger buddy ( is throwing: Big, Fat Toronto. It's a clothing swap for plus size women as well as a chat about fat acceptance afterwards. There's also a social afterwards! Let me know if you're coming so I can look for you and say hi! My url is

  2. Oh, and I found you through your post on I Love Color Curvy's fb wall!

  3. I am now fully regretting not planning my trip a week later so I could have attended the event!! I hope it is a yearly event cuz I might try to attend next time.
    I do have a friend in TO attending so hope to hear all about it from her and you on your blog as well!!
    Thanks for finding me... :D

  4. Hi! Just found your blog through some retweets on Twitter.
    Forever 21 ships from Toronto within Canada! I've ordered twice from them now and been very pleased with both my purchases and my experiences ordering. I did a bit of a review on my new blog about them.

    Yes, as usual there are some differences in pricing between Canada and the US, but compared to some theirs isn't too bad. Payless is the worst I have ever seen, we pay almost double what they do in the US....sure doesn't match the name of their store does it? to read more of your blog(would love if you would check out mine too....I'm struggling to find readers :(), I definitely recommend keeping an eye on the F21+ website though because they add stuff almost daily and like I said, I've been happy with my purchases from them and they were very quick to arrive.

  5. Oh, and my F21+ orders came by Purolator btw :)

  6. Thank you for the advice! Will happily check out your blog as well - love fellow Canuck bloggers!!