Monday, May 9, 2011

Charitably Chic

So one thing you should know is that Dom is a lady with big ideas & a big heart (& okay yes... big hair!).  A few weeks ago she asked me if I wanted to join my creative force with her big idea & Charity Chic was born!

Charity Chic is, in simple terms, a clothing swap with a purpose & heart, in support of Romero House ( local soup kitchen & outreach) You can read all of the event details here;!/event.php?eid=211683018860625

but the idea is to have a super fashionable clothing swap that goes above & beyond.  This is a full blown event with so many lovely ladies lending their talents.  Kelly Lawson, a local photographer will be running a photo booth, Jennifer Rodine & her colleague from Hair Affair offering a nailpolish station, Leanne Cochrane from will be presenting a candy buffet, DJ Al Rebel will be spinning tunes, the ladies from Essential Studio will be doing makeup applications & brown touchup while Full of Fabulous... well we take care of the fabulous of course!

We have been collecting clothing donations all week & our living rooms & cars are piled high! I haven't sorted everything out yet but a quick peek revealed brand names like GAP, Nine West, American Eagle & Lane Bryant!

(if you follow us on twitter; DarlingDilemma, RedHot or us as a duo, FullOfFabulous you will see dozens of pictures just like this! lol Back seats of cars, trunks, living rooms... it is exciting & overwhelming!)

After getting all excited by what everyone else was donating, I figured it was time to dig threw my own closet & part with some of my own items.
After several moves I feared I had no extra clothes left to give away. I did major purges 3 times in the last 2 years, trying to keep my closet to regularly worn items & my few special pieces. I used to have a bad habit of buying ill fitting items on the cheap & keeping them around forever - anyone else??
Anyways, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to pull out my summer clothes storage bin & have a peek. I always forget what I pack away.
Frankly there wasn't much in there.  I love summer, but my wardrobe has always seriously lacked. 4 pairs of Capri's & a couple blouses. Seriously?? How do I get by?!!

I now know what I'll have my eye open for at the Swap!

But I found one thing in that bin... under the bathing suits I never wear & a concert tee from Sarah McLaughlin circa 1998.


Never worn!

So I probably don't need to tell you that I don't want to let these pants go, right?

I don't want to let them go.

We all have something like red leather pants in our closets don't we? Something that was so gorgeous, such a good deal that you couldn't pass up... even though they didn't fit(at the time). My DKNY red leather pants are just that- a size too small with a price that couldn't be beat. I was going to loss just a little more& then they would fit like a dream.
Except I never did, & neither did they.

So I'm giving up the dream of hitting the perfect event in breathtaking red leather & donating them, for someone else's dream.

We all have the equivalent of red leather pants in our wardrobes, what's yours?

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