Monday, May 2, 2011

Pleased To Meet You

Welcome to the first post of our brand new venture, Full of Fabulous!
We are a couple of plus sized slaves to fashion from East Coast Canada who love to live life boldly!

We interviewed each other cuz we are special & just that fabulous! Ha!

So let us introduce ourselves.


Promotion & event guru who knows how to rock a pouf like nobody's business.
Spends 9 months of the year rink side to hockey.
Hates creepy crawlies, peas & camping
We interviewed each other cuz we are special & just that fabulous! Ha!

So, why did YOU want to start a fashion blog, Dom?

I wanted to start a fashion blog because
a) Everything you do is pure genius and I want to tag along with your fabulousness 
b) Fashion is in my blood. I went to 'fashion school' in Toronto and graduated from a Fashion Marketing and Merchandising program which started my 10 year career in retail and
c) It's time plus size girls and fashions were CELEBRATED! Saint John is quickly becoming the fashion capital of New Brunswick. I am beyond excited, but I feel like in order for us to attain that official title, all shapes and sizes need to be represented. Locally first and then nationally and internationally!

So who would you say your fashion icons are?

My fashion icons change all the time! I don't follow one specific clothing style or trend so this question is difficult. As fashion itself evolves so do my tastes. I adore Kim Kardashian for her always polished look but at the same time, I can't get enough of Snooki's animal prints and of course her pouf! Mia Tyler is certainly on my list of favorite celebs as well, especially from a plus size perspective.

Mia Tyler
I tend to find locals more inspiring than celebrities, I have always idolized those who can walk into a store and find a 'perfect piece' to add to their wardrobes with minimal effort. I'm brand new to the blogging 'scene' and as I discover gorgeous plus size bloggers from around the world I'm sure my list of icons will grow by the hundreds in just a matter of days!

What do you think are the best things about being Full of Fabulous? Any downside?

The best things about being full of fabulous? Inspiring fabulousness in others. Encouraging people to raise the bar. Being the 'go to' within my group of friends for a fun, unique idea that really knocks peoples socks off.
Negatives? Fabulous is HARD work and requires constant upkeep. You can never risk letting your fabulous guard down or having people see you sweat anything besides fabulous. Also, I have to admit, foggy, misty, rainy days truly test the nerves of the fabulous.
*side note from Em - I'm betting when she says 'nerves' she is actually referring to her pouf!

What can our readers expect from your side of the blog?

From my portion of the blog, readers can expect an honest, quirky, sometimes humorous account of life as a plus size newbie blogger. I can't promise everything I write will be purely fashion based but I can promise that I will try my best. As time passes, I hope to reflect on my posts and view them as an evolution, or, even better, as a revolution. I have been in denial about my plus size-ness for as long as I can remember. I am hoping that in contributing to this blog and letting my walls down even in smallest bit I will renew some confidence in myself and encourage love and acceptance in others.
A 30something woman with a penchant for all things cupcakes,
 too many jobs, a jewelry line &
a rockin ginger for a son.
Alright, your turn Em - why did YOU want to start a fashion blog?

Ummm probably because I am a fashion blogaholic! I can't even tell you how many I have on my bloglovin account that I follow! There are such great blogs out there, local & plus sized but nothing that was local AND plus size! I was starting to feel slightly 'unrepresented'... then I met you - my partner in (not fashion) crime!

Who are your fashion icons these days?

Well one would definitely have to be my blog obsession, Stiletto Siren.  That girl is fierce in her choices & always looking SO put together! Another would have to be Glee cast member, Amber Riley. I mean, did you SEE what she wore to the Golden Globes?? The girl is SO cute & picks the best, most flattering outfits for her red carpet events. I wish I had red carpet events to go to...!

Amber Riley
 What do you think are the best & worst things about being Full of Fabulous?

I have to agree with you - being inspiration or the 'go to' for other's fabulousness is definitely the best part!  I adore being stopped somewhere to have someone tell me they love something I have on, or beg to know where I got it. I used to think that was just a skinny girl's life... but not anymore!

Of course, the downfall is the maintenance.  Affording fabulous is always tough but finding it on the east coast of Canada can be even tougher!! I think that ultimately, every conversation I have with fellow plus sized women comes down to where can we get it? Where is the fabulous?

Cardigan; Torrid, Tank; Addition Elle, Skirt; Winners,
Hose; We Love Colors, Shoes; Winners
And finally, what can our readers expect from you in this blog?

Photos! Outfits! I want to try & get as comfortable in front of a lens, as I am behind it. I want to share my shopping scores, hits & misses! 
And I want to take our readers along on some of our adventures in this life of Fabulous!


  1. Thanks for the love! So looking forward to your blog and seeing both of your FABULOUSITY!
    Stiletto Siren

  2. Can't wait to read more of your blog ladies!!!

  3. Thank you for all the support ladies!

  4. OH. MY. GOD. you guys are awesome!!! I love love love it!! I am so stoked that you decided to do this, I wanna be full of fabulous too! :D

  5. A Canadian plus-sized fashion blog?! Yes please!

  6. I'm so excited there is another plus-sized blog from the East Coast!

  7. & we are so excited to have you all read & follow us!