Friday, May 6, 2011

Hot For Teacher

I spend most days trying to put together an outfit that will make me look fabulous but won't crush me if it gets paint spilt down the front of it.
I'm not especially klutzy (more modestly so), I teach an after school art program.

Occasionally (on pencil crayon days) I will brave the classroom in something new & fab-u-lous, but mostly I'm in the dilemma of trying to look great without wearing my gorgeous new Torrid floral strapless dress. Finding fab plus sized items on the cheap is an almost near impossible task in Canada. Finding them in New event of mythical proportions.

My solution has become to mix an affordable standard with something more unique.
Reitman's jeans with a beautifully cut top from Torrid (online)
Denim skirt with a bright coloured leggings from We Love Color (online)
Black leggings with a skirt & super cute shoes from Winners

Or something like this, that I wore this week;

Tunic & leggings - Reitmans
Caridgan - Old Navy
Shoes - Winner's
 This cardigan from Old Navy is a hit with me because it gives me an excuse to wear my GIANT green turquoise ring & matching necklace that my most darling husband gave me on our first wedding anniversary (isn't he sweet??).

I have, so far, for the most part, avoided oil pastel/marker/paint disasters this term (although there was a small 'incident' with ink 2 weeks ago on my SimplyBe tunic....).

A totally adorable, pig-tailed girl in my Tuesday class comments on my outfit almost every week. My favorite was 'You always dress so exciting! My Mom only wears black...' *said with wide eyes & then disapproving ones, about her mother's choice*

Naot shoes, Winners (sooo comfy!)