Monday, July 25, 2011

Road Trip Round Up!

Irving Nature Park, Saint John, NB

My GingerKid with Cape Breton, NS behind him

I have just returned from a wonderful mini summer vacation! Well vacation might be too strong of a word.... we'll go with road trip! It truly was a classic road trip. 

Cape Enrage, N

Chrissy's Look Off, Cape Breton, NB

The part of this trip that made it a once-of-a-lifetime kind of thing was my Dad.  He rode his motorbike out to NB with one of my cousins & an uncle but left the motorcade & bike behind for an more bonding type experience with me & the GingerKid!
Obviously New Glasgow, NB. What a great sign!
Since my love of fashion is obviously lost on a 12 year old boy, I'm trying to instill some of my other loves in him... the ocean, family & adventures in the form of road trips!

We journeyed from Saint John along the Fundy coast to Cape Enrage, Hopewell Rocks then into Dieppe. Our first night was spent in New Glasgow, NS.  From their we explored Cape Breton island travelling by car, ferry & bridge. I often felt like I was living a Vinyl Cafe story, with my father by my side (if you are not familiar with Vinyl Cafe & Stuart MacLean, check the link - you will thank me).

 The second night we stayed with one of my favorite couples in the world, Jen & Steve in Glace Bay, NS.  They treated us to great food & the best conversation (not to mention we got to rub the baby bump!).  The next morning we travelled to Cape George on St. Georges Bay & then down to Truro for the night (& a tire change... *sad face*).

The next day found me saying my goodbyes to Dad & making my way back to Saint John & the husband - bittersweet.
All & all a memorable trip that I won't ever forget. 
Of course road trips aren't the best occasions for outfit photos & the road hair wasn't even close to presentable! I'm throwing in just one picture, from a distance just so I can pretend this is slightly fashion related.

The clothes are comfortable & layered, the hair is curly & windproof & the company was top notch!

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