Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shopping Cart Saturday v.1

I've been debating for a couple weeks about introducing a weekly feature to the blog. I adore blogger's songs of the week, photo diaries & recipe shares but also wanted to feature something that appealed to my specific corner of fabulous. So I introduce Shopping Cart Saturday/Sunda - a weekly feature of some of the things in my online shopping carts.  Think of it as window shopping (or WindowsXP shopping... ohhhh sorry for the bad joke!)

So without anymore preamble, here are this weeks choices! I've gone with ASOS since they are still having their massive Summer Sale!

Belted Sixties Skater Dress
This dress might be too short for my 6ft tall frame but with a $68.96 reg.price on sale for $ could I not want to risk it!?!!
(the website says the model is 5'11")

Textured Waffle Shift Dress

This dress is the same price as the above but higher on my want list.  I've been craving more red in my wardrobe & am picture this with nylons, tights or maybe even a dark skinny jean?
Check out the detail!

And my final gotta have in the cart are these shorts!

Belted City Short
I really don't like shorts often so the fact that I am in love with these, says a lot (like 'buy me buy me').
Reg.$52 on sale for $25... I hope to see them in my future - supplies are running low on these beauties though.

Anyways, those are some of the items haunting my shopping cart this week (wouldn't it be lovely to strike it rich?!!) but before I sign off I also want to share some of my favorite blogs who have some great weekly features. If you have a weekly feature you want me to check out - leave a link in comments & I will!

Brilliant Sugar has her Snapshots
Doll Parade has her Love Chronicles (I don't like to pick favorites but....)
Oh My heart has her Song of the Week
Maritime Shopaholic has her 3 Things

Those are a few to sink your teeth into - enjoy & see you next week!


  1. Ooooh - love that red dress! Fun new feature, I'm going to live vicariously through your shopping cart! ;)

  2. Thanks Nicole!
    Feel free to enjoy my cart, although for now this all stays in it. lol

  3. I love that red dress too....but I somehow can't work my mojo on dresses that short.

  4. ps - I've never shopped at ASOS (I probably should). How do their sizes fit?

  5. Natalie I adore ASOS but I found, as have friends that the sizing runs slightly large (when is that ever the case?!?!). All of my pieces were still 100% wearable & comfy but I can't wear my jeans without a belt!
    (sorry it took me so long to respond but blogger has been glitchy & not letting me post!)