Thursday, July 28, 2011

Esthetically Fabulous!

Excuse the egotistical sounding post title but I swear it will make poetic sense momentarily.

Since moving to New Brunswick I've been on the hunt for a local stylist/salon that has got what it takes.  I'm not THAT picky... I just want a shade of blonde that isn't yellow or brassy (or as I learned today - a cool blonde). I've had one turn it yellow & pretend there wasn't anything wrong with it & one who tried to dye my hair blonde instead of bleaching - leaving a huge line
where my old & new colours met. 
 I had heard of Essential Esthetics from my friend & fellow blogger Barb but hadn't made it in there until today.

Today I met Marissa.
Totally adorable, totally fabulous Marissa.

OK it is a phone picture but I thought I'd throw it in for fun!!

Anyways, I have been having a few days of feeling unattractive & over a week of bad hair days but Marissa fixed me right up!
She did up my colour, giving me a fabulous shade of blonde that I adore & a richer dark underneath.  She also gave me some spot on bangs!

If you haven't checked out Essential Esthetics on Union Street yet - you need to.
The ladies are super friendly & know their stuff!
Make up, nails, hair, waxing, relaxation massage, teeth whitening; they've got you covered!

I felt awesome after my appointment (photographic evidence)!

Dress; George
Oh, & by the way - how cute is this dress? I bought it 2 years ago wore it once but pulled it out again this summer & am loving it!


  1. Love the do! A good hairdresser is soooo hard to find, but oh, so very important!

  2. You look gorgeous, dahlink! :) Love the dress!

  3. Love it!!! Perfect cut and colour!

  4. uh yeah she fixed you up a vixen! :D love the hair!!! you look so gorgeous in that dress aswell, polkadots are my addiction!


  5. Thank you, all you wonderful women you!