Monday, July 4, 2011

Evolution of Fabulous hair - part 1

It is getting close to that time... the time when my roots are about to peek out & show their/my true colour.

For those of you who only know me thru the blog, or since I came to the East Coast, chances are you have only ever seen the above look (with possibly a little more root from time to time & probably straight...) but there have been so very many looks, so many colours, so many cuts!
Since it is another rainy day & I'm considering staying in my PJ's I thought it might be fun to take a look back & show you some past hair styles.

So this is back when Vanessa first did my hair... so circa myspace days.  There is a pattern to my looks... in the summer I can't be bothered to try & straighten my hair.


There were several stages of orange before we moved into full blown reds, but these looks I was particularly fond of.  There was even a mostly black look with just a bit of red before I decided I wanted to go blonde.  While stripping my hair of colour to get to blonde we hit an amazing surprise. Below  is the results.

No not the kid (although he is pretty amazing) but the colour! This peachy keen look is still one of my favorites.  The cut was one I returned to several times as well.

So after the peach phase I did get to the blonde, with a bit of orange crush underneath.  This was probably the only day I liked my hair during that period.
*hair & makeup by Vanessa

So here is my scrumptious stylist/Ontario bff Vanessa & me, rocking some seriously glowing orange hair.

This only brings me up to a few years ago...
Look for the next post to include pinks, purples.. even a bit of green! 

Would love if you shared your favorite style, cut or colour!
 Email me a pic & I might include it in a future post!


  1. So many great hairstyles...and colors!! Makes me want to run out and do something fun!!

  2. I really love the dark red with the angled bangs. Cool to see so many styles. I generally look the same for years on end so I admire how you are able to change it up.

  3. And change it & change it & change it.... lol

    Thanks Moe!!