Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Evolution of Fabulous Hair Pt.2

So, picking up where I left off yesterday, the above is yet another of Vanessa's masterpieces. I had never ever had green in my hair so we thought... why the hell not?  It isn't a look that lasted long. No matter how amazing Vanessa is, everyone has a colour or two that wasn't meant for them.
Green (and yellow) was mine.

This look was a favorite! Purples & pinks in various shades with a serious section of blonde...
It was hot hot hot & definitely caught everyones eye!!
I think I would have wore this look forever, if it hadn't of been for a potential job interview (which I didn't even get!!).

Below is the modified 'job' look I went for instead.

I honestly adored this look too, even though it wasn't pink.  It was probably the nicest shade of 'brownish' I've ever had.

At this point there was an interlude with a rather unfortunate cut & colour...
for which there will be no photographs.

Ok! Back to it!

These two were pretty similar, just a different style of bang as I tried to decide... what next!

What next was lightening up!
A lighter red with blonde all throughout! Was a great sunnier look for my second summer on the East Coast & first summer living in Saint John!

Which pretty much brings me up to my current look!
This photo was taken in early spring '11. So happy with the shade of blond with my natural brown making an appearance as well!
I've since grown the bangs out for a slightly different look - which you see in most of my outfit posts.

So which one of these looks did you like best? Would love to know!


  1. wow stellar hair! youre a total babe! :D i am loving the 1st 5 looks! they are all fab though!


  2. Is it crazy I left out about 7 other styles still! lol
    Thanks for the compliments & I've now 'found' your blog & am loving it