Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh Canada! OOTD

I miss my part of Canada today, my Utopia.  Seriously - that is the name of the village I lived & yes, I do think it is rather perfect.
What I don't miss are the crowds on holidays though! Today we were actually able to park, walk, & attend several different Canada Day events, watch the parade & bump into people we knew. These things always felt slightly impossible with the insane crowds back home.  There is something truly wonderful about living in a small city that is big on personality.

Man I live in a great part of a great country....

Top; Torrid, Skirt; Winners, Watch; Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses; Ray Bans
A few things about asking your significant other to snap your photos for you... although it isn't nearly as socially awkward as throwing up a tripod in the middle of a busy street, he will apparently not tell you when you are squinting or put up with multiple poses.  You will in fact get only two pictures & they will pretty much be the same thing.
Good thing he is adorable & I love him so.

purchased at Urban Outfitters in Toronto this spring

Zoya matte nail polish in Mitzi, Paul Frank iPhone case
Three cool things in one photo.
This ring was made by a jeweler back home in Ontario (whose name I don't know & I don't think she is still designing).  It reads 'To Thine Own Self Be True'. It is probably one of my most treasured possessions.

So my husband thinks this nail polish looks like I painted my nails with whiteout & highlighter. And yes I took this picture, sitting in my car while he was pumping gas.

Earrings; Forever21, Necklace; Darling Dilemma, Sunglasses; RayBan

Aaaaahhh look at that zombie girl in the bottom left hand corner!!
I love these wooden sculptures that are all over uptown but that girl just freaks me out!


  1. :D

    Im entirely new to the Canada area (just moved to quebec last month!) excited to read your blog and find out where the best shopping is!

    loving all the colors! i didn't rock red for Canada Day either, unless you could the flag pin or flag i carried around :D

  2. Thank you for finding my blog! Yay for Canada!! :D
    Defnitely going to check out your blog now & follow how your adeventure here goes.