Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Picnic Full of Fabulous!

August 6th is our wedding anniversary & this year was our 6th celebration.  My totally sweet & occasionally romantic husband suggested that a picnic might be the perfect was to enjoy the moment.
I couldn't agree more.

A not so great picture of my wedding & engagement ring but a reminder all the same.
Bracelet is a necklace I made.
We travelled out of town to Fredericton as per my suggestion so that we could hit up the local farmer's market there for the perfect picnic treats. I also thought O'Dell park would make for the perfect backdrop to any romantic lounging on a blanket that might happen.  

He doesn't like photos so let's pretend this is a picture of the tree.

Of course a picnic also means appropriate picnic  wear. I was dreaming of a long flowery maxi skirt but since I don't own one I went with these cute shorts from Winner's and this summer top from Old Navy.

I made goofy faces in most of today's pictures as a result of my husband's antics

 I wish I had slightly better photos & fewer wrinkles (in my clothes! be kind!), but romantic picnics are not really meant for such concerns I suppose.

Favorite snap of the day. Ring gifted from Vanessa.

Thanks for sharing the best part of my week with me!
Stay fabulous!


  1. What a gorgeous day and perfect place for a picnic! Happy Anniversary!

  2. aw, happy anniversary! i love the first pic - that ring is so cute!!

  3. Thank you ladies! It was a great day.