Thursday, August 25, 2011

OOTD Out of Africa

When I stumbled upon this linen skirt in a Winner's up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (one always stumbles onto things in Winner's, never finds) I knew it was making the trip back home with me.
I've had a fashion crush on long linen skirts most of my fashion life & I can only guess it steams from the impression one movie made on my youth romantic heart.
Out of Africa


Truth is I can never look at a long linen skirt or natural flowy blouse without calling to mind a safari visual! I won't dissect this long standing love affair to figure out if it was Meryl Streep & her fashion or Robert Redford's ruggedness that made the impression.
I'm just going to enjoy my new skirt.

skirt; winner's, tee; old navy
necklace; Darling Dilemma

*also take note that this OOTD finally incorporates 2 things I said I was going to try out... the maxi & a high waisted skirt. I'm not lying when I tell you this was the first time I tucked a top into a bottom since high school.....


  1. Love this outfit!! So great!! Had a great time doing photos today!

  2. hey lookin good in that high waist skirt! its super pretty, i love the pictures! and it does have a safari thing to it, :)