Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Michael Kors for me...

Maybe I've lived under a Canadian fashion rock for too long... but I had no clue that Michael Kors made a plus sized line (carried by bloomingdale's & macy's)! To be fair I haven't travelled to the US since I was 20, a size 12/14, wore bicycle shorts under mini dresses & a brown satin smoking jacket...

Belted Cargo Jacket $203
Actually have my tastes changed much?
Faux Fur Vest, $185

Cargo Dress, sale $77


  1. I feel like the bicycle shorts under a mini dress might explain your love of the leggings. My cat would love that feather vest. It would survive one evening.

  2. Does it make me a bad pet owner that I didnt even consider the kit & kat when longing for that vest?!!
    What if I promise to keep it zipped up in a clothing bag when not in use?

    ... who am I kidding it will ALWAYS be in use!

  3. Great Choices!! I think there may be a Macy's in Bangor! Shopping in the states is the best!

  4. OMG the vest is amazing! I am lusting after it hardcore. So fabulous!

    - Marisa