Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too Full of Shoes?

So,  my husband thinks I have too many shoes.

Now before you start envisioning a closet filled with a drool-worthy collection you need to know that my husband thinks that anyone "who owns more than 5 pairs of shoes needs their head examined," and that is a direct facebook quote my friends!

So before I go any further, I am sure you are all curious as too what my shoe 'collection' consists of. What is going on with my shoe rack that has my husband telling me, he thinks I have enough??
Here it is, in it's entirety (minus my 1 pair of pink & black winter boots that I'm not digging out yet, not even for a picture BUT can be seen in my background blog image);

This is clearly not an outrageous or out of control collection.  A few pairs of flats (all under $20), standard work shoes (under $100), sexy red boots scored on sale ($40)... nothing extravagant.

So how many is too many?
And what shoes are required/standards to be fully fabulous?

As seen in my latest Shopping Cart feature, pink shoes are feeling rather mandatory right now & truth be told, (& seen from my above photo) I don't really have a pair of 'fancy' shoes!
I'm also swooning over a purple pair of Reikers from Boutique Zekara that I posted here.

Of course new work shoes, winter boots & a great pair of rubber ones too, now that I'm thinking of it....
It is easy to get carried away!

In an attempt to justify, defend & prove my righteousness, I took to facebook & twitter and pulled out the question - How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Melissa, of the blog Sigh, Gush, Gasp with some of her favorite shoes in her 34 pair collection
A few followers admitted to over 100, some around the 5 pair mark, but most of us own somewhere between 12 & 30 pairs.

Obviously I'm falling behind.

If you are starting to think this post is just an excuse to prove a point & end a marital argument... you are totally half wrong.
I'm fascinated by the complicated relationship us women have with our shoes.

There are those of us who see them strictly as serving a purpose; sand, rain, snow, work.

Those of us with admitted addictions who haven't a real clue how many we have, or even what exactly is in our closet.

The connoisseur who saves money, knows the brands & buys the perfect pair, each & every time.

A lot of us are somewhere in between 2 of these.

I heard more than a few curvy chicks say that they buy too many shoes & think it is because it is easier to find a shoe that fits than an outfit.  Shoe size is irrelevant to body shape & size.
Now if only marketing firms & shoe companies would only pay attention to that idea & put some amazing curvy legs in their print ads.....

My prized red boots
Friend Misty in her Doc Martin's
Vanessa in sexy black pumps & tattoos!

Blogger Curvy Canadian who always looks fabulous with an extra side of wonderful

Someone obviously needs to hire me to tell them this stuff.


  1. Love those red boots!!! I think I need to add a pair to my collection, might was well make it a nice even 35 pairs right!

  2. They have an amazing pair out at Boutique Zekara! Gorgeous with buttons up the side - Miz Miu!