Friday, August 5, 2011

Shop Talk - Boutique Zekara

After my last post/rant I knew I had to further explore my clothing options.  As a six foot tall, size 20 woman I'm used to not finding anything that fits in a store.  So much so that I guess I gave up on boutiques.  Eventually it becomes a heartbreaking experience to see beautiful things that were never meant to be yours.
I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about. In fact, I know you do because I've talked to some of you, commiserated with you.

Then Donna from Boutique Zekara sent me an email...
Donna has started to carry two plus sized lines in her Rothesay shop; Cherry Velvet & Diane Kennedy! I'm not going to lie... my excitement level was high!

If you are not familiar with Boutique Zekara or are not in New Brunswick, it is an amazing shop. Shoes & make up in the front, clothing & salon services in the back!
Make up counter above, shoe selection right

Clothing with items from the Diane Kennedy line in front
 I tried on all kinds of the Diane Kennedy line to discover some of the comfiest clothes I've had on in ages! It is an organic bamboo line with some amazing cuts.  But I'm going to have to tell you all about them some other time, and this is why;

ignore the bruise on my leg
I'm in love.

This dress in a simply perfect cut from Cherry Velvet, a Vancouver based dress company focusing on retro inspired plus size dresses.  Boutique Zekara is carrying this style in X to 3X in several different patterns.

                 Hanging on the rack does this dress no justice. Trying it on made me want to twirl!

The length is great for my 6ft tall frame. The sizing is appropriate (I normally wear a 2X or 3X depending on the designer... i wear a 1X in this dress - gotta love that feeling!).  It is fitted in all the right places & it shows of just the right amount of cleavage.

Cleavage I won't be disowned for

I thought for sure I was sold on ordering from eShakti for my brother's September wedding, but the idea of supporting a local business AND buying Canadian feels so much better!

My dilemma now is.... which one?

The polka dot one draws me in with the tiny detail of lace on the neckline, and because who can EVER resist polka dots??

But once I tried on the damask it just 'felt' right for the occasion. A simple but gorgeous dress for the outdoor wedding of one of my favorite people in the whole world...
Also I'm picturing finding the perfect hot pink shoes & clutch for it.

So I'm turning to you readers for some help.  Which one do you like better? Which one would you choose for me?

Leave me your vote & if you are out in Rothesay make sure to stop in and say hello to Donna & check out everything this one shop has to offer!

The shoes that must be mine


  1. 100% Damask. Love it. So gorgeous. Looks like a great shop! I nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog" award. Check out my blog to see how to accept it!

  2. You did?!!
    You are awesome girl & you KNOW I love your blog!! I can't wait for a 'real life' meet up!


  3. Love love them both!!! But I would go with the Damask one!! Gorgeous dresses, I will have to check that place out sometime, never had the chance to stop by!

  4. But Melissa it is practically on your way home from work!! :D

    YOU will LOVE it! I wish Red Whale was still there so we could've had a coffee date out there...

  5. I'm always drawn to dark colours, but in this instance I have to vote for the damask one!

    They're beautiful! I can't wait to head out!

  6. Although the polka dot one looks fantastic on you, I have to go with the Damask one! The only way I can describe it is perfect!

  7. Thank you so much for introducing me to this line! I've just emailed her to see if I can snag one of her gorgeous dresses for a wedding I am going to this summer as well :)

  8. Think that damask has won by a landslide!
    Can't wait to make it mine this week...........!!
    I look forward to posting an OOTD from the wedding with full hair & accessories!

  9. Late in commenting, but the damask one is gorg! Definitely gets my vote!