Friday, June 3, 2011

Fully Accessorized

I wish I could tell you that my dreams of vacation shopping were filled with amazing clothing finds.. but I can't. Ontario is just as much of a plus sized wasteland (unless some of you can site me specific examples??) as New Brunswick. In fact, if google search tells me anything, it is that all of Canada is severally lacking in plus size clothing options.  If I was a US chain like Torrid... I'd be thinking about that VERY hard...

Anyways, just because I didn't buy clothes doesn't mean I didn't shop. I shopped & shopped & the theme seemed to be accessorizing! Make up, bags, mounds of jewelry & one ultimate accessory!

tokidoki at sephora


This Steve Madden bag came home with me!

This is the point when I wish I could tell & show you my amazing pair of new shoes....

I didn't buy any. *pouts*
I DID photograph some to share with you though!!

I have some feet & ankles issues that prevent me from wearing heels but these wild creations made my heart skip a beat! Yes they are over the top. Yes one pair is rainbow glittered. But my inner Glinda or Beth Ditto wanted to dance!!!

Finally I finished my Toronto shopping spree with a woman's ultimate accessory... the perfect hair.

I always, always, ALWAYS visit Vanessa at House of Lords in Toronto when I am home. Often waiting beyond the fashionable amount of time between cuts & colours just so I can have her be the one to do it.
She really is that good.

*also I've asked her to guest post in the future - as a plus sized burlesque dancer, hers is a perspective you will LOVE to hear!

So there is a photographic overview of my Toronto spree (& photographic evidence for my husband's disapproval! ha!). What have your favorite accessories been of late?

Stay tuned for a vacation OOTD this weekend & until then,
Stay Fabulous,



  1. Aw, that sucks that you didn't have any clothing luck while in TO. I have no suggestions, as I hardly ever shop for clothes anymore (so depressing!) and I don't think the staples I just bought at the Gap would be considered "fabulous"... but at least the sizes are real and not shrunken. :S

    Love the new 'do! And the bag!

  2. Sometimes for a big girl it comes down to accessories. It is how I often take an outfit & make if fabulous!!

    Thanks for the blog love :)

  3. Hey! I just met Vanessa this weekend at big fat Toronto! Saw her burlesque performance too. She's awesome. There a a few pretty cool places to check out. You should've emailed me! I could'v given you a pretty decent list of options. Did you get out to forever 21 in fairview mall for their + collection?

  4. Hadn't found you yet! But I am back to Ontario for September!!!
    And no I didn't make it to the Forever21 as I didn't have enough time... next time - let's make a big girl date!