Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fabulous Heat!

After spending several days outside in the beating sun, crisping up & selling my line of Darling Dilemma jewelry to locals, tourists & cruise ship passengers all that I can think about is beach time!!

With a decent base tan now, and a Moose Light Ginger (possibly my new summer bevvy of choice, although highly unlikely that I would give up a long time love of Pina Coladas!!) I find myself stuck in front of the computer browsing swimsuits...

Every woman knows this is a daunting & emotional task, one that won't improve with the above mentioned beer.

plus swimwear

Polka dot swimwear

Okay so I gave up mid blog & focused more on sleep & beer than swimwear... so apparently this is a 2 day blog...

The above swimsuit was what I was leaning towards.. polka dot, full coverage, a nice neckline with a bit of a retro feel to it!
Below is my other selection, similar but with slight differences...

Miraclesuit swimwear

Miraclesuit swimwear (clipped to

Both of these polka dot swimsuits are available from Evans who is having some rather incredible sales on swimwear at the moment.  Shipping to Canada & the US costs 8pounds & takes about a week. Not too shabby!

As I sat there drinking, tweeting & pondering a new swimsuit a friend sent them the following link for Get Go Retro and then all things went to hell...

Jungle Girl One Shoulder Swimsuit $109
*also available in leopard
Filled with retro wear in a variety of sizes, for a variety of shapes, Get Go Retro is one of the funnest online shops I've stumbled upon lately!
I know at least a few of my girls will feel faint after seeing this one;
Skipper Swimsuit
And I am sure any who know me in person would assume this darling cherry piece would be my suit of choice!

Cherry Tankini $118
 But it's not... It runs a close second but once I saw this suit, all bets were off!

Rockabilly Skull Tankini $130

One friend acclaimed it 'killer' once I posted it on facebook... At $130 it currently out of my price range (and IS killing me - does that count??) but it is at the TIP-TOP of my wish list.

Well right below a Pina Colada.


  1. OHMYGOD!! love love love love! I don't even know what to say beyond that. I got my super fabulous retro bathing suit from, of all places, Sears! I am not their biggest fan, but I couldn't pass this up...and now it's 60% off!!Glad I got a good deal on it too or I'd be POed :D ttp://
    Must go browse more Get Go Retro now!

  2. Girl that suit is HOT! Nice score!!!!

    I will apologize now for getting you hooked on Get Go Retro... cuz it is going to happen! lol

  3. Wait for it to go on Sale! The skull one has "Emma" written all over it!

  4. Thanks Barb!!
    Is it the ample bossum or skulls that do it? lol

  5. The skull and cross-bone bathing suit is awesome! Unfortunately, I don't think I am "endowed" enough to carry it off. Man, I am envious of that model . . . Tee hee!