Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fabulous in Bruises

A lot of you viewers are friends & family so please don't be insulted by my next statement...
These are some of the coolest chicks I know.

Dressed up in the the team colours of black, silver & blue, The Razor Girls are part of the Fog City Rollers, our local flat track roller derby.  Fully accessorized with skates, pads, helmets & a healthy dose of tattoos these ladies are officially Full of Fabulous!

Opposing team The Scarlett Swarm

Since one of my best friends, Jen was visiting from Cape Breton I couldn't resist bringing her out to a bout as I knew the Rugby Girl in her would fall in love. 
I'm pretty sure that Auburn Rubber is now her personal idol & if Jen didn't have the baby bump she would have signed up on the spot.
Auburn Rubber, center
As cool as all these ladies are, & as much as I am starting to love them, my heart was still beating for Jen this weekend as we explored Saint John together, ate some great food & just caught up with each other.

Vegetarian Curry from Thandi's

It was so great to have an all girl weekend, since my son was camping & husband was out of town. With her first baby on the way I miss her even more & wish she were closer...

Jen, baby 'flicker' & I
 Just the one outfit picture of my dinner & derby outfit (my leggings are metallic pewter in solidarity Razor Girls!!), as we were so busy!
I will have a full outfit posting tomorrow, another from my weekend out!

What did YOU do this beautiful weekend?

*p.s. my friend Ryder Wong runs a Fog City Rollers blog, Fog City Blog - you should check it out! She's getting married next weekend, so expect to hear LOTS more about her when I attend the wedding!!

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