Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Fabulous Maxi?

My dream maxi dresses
Items from Yours Clothing

I don't like maxi dresses.
I don't think maxi dresses are a good idea for my body type.

But then I stumble onto something... I peruse Yours Clothing, (even though I'm without work or cash flow at the moment) & all of a sudden spot the above two dresses. I tried to pass them right by.. I really did! To no avail obviously.

Sometimes us girls, we just see something & know it is right... know it's the right cut/fit/colour even if it contradicts all previously uttered statements.
Just in the last month;
Me: I hate maxi dresses. I think they would look awful on me..
Me: A maxi dress on me is just a fancy mu mu...

Six summers ago I got married in what I thought/think is the most beautiful dress in the world. Check it out;

Dad & I. Dress custom made by Peach Berserk
Obviously I don't hate ALL maxi dresses!

So now that I finally found not 1 but 2 that I think would be perfect... I just have to wish for the dress fairy to bring them to me.. right?

*since writing this last night & tweeting how much I love their maxi dresses... announced a sale this morning on maxi's!! That's almost a dress fairy, isn't it???

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  1. I haven't seen a body type yet that doesn't look fabulous in a Maxi! I've always loved these kinds of dresses, I could live in them if I lived somewhere where I could actually wear them year round LOL. You look great in the one above so I'm sure you'll look fantastic if you give some a try!