Saturday, June 4, 2011

OOTD; Toronto Edition

On the corner of Queen & Augusta, Toronto June '11
As I have now mentioned (several times) I just returned from a trip to Ontario. It rained most of my holiday but on my last day, in Toronto for my shopping spree, the sun was blazing & I was thrilled (although slightly hungover)! My friend snapped a couple pictures of my outfit & I thought I would share the (somewhat disheveled) results.

tunic top from evans (love the ruffles & sequin details)
pewter leggings from voluptuous

Steve Madden bag from StyleSense

Right before I hit the salon for much better hair... I promise!

Alright, I look grouchy but I promise you I wasn't... in fact I was having a marvellous time. This whole 'pose for the camera' thing is new to me, so I'll have to get in some more practice! 

*On a side note sadly Dom has decided to part ways with the FoF blog and focus on her other ventures (and trust me when I say she has plenty of them!). Have no fear though, I will continue on & already have several featured writers lined up for time-to-time posts!


  1. You totally should've come to big fat Toronto!

  2. Was back in New Brunswick by then! If I can arrange it I'd like to come next year!