Sunday, June 19, 2011

Full of Love

Sorry for an absence in blogs since Wednesday but I've been finishing up my last few days of teaching as well as starting preperations for my summer venture (more to come on that in another post).
Here I am though, ready with my first wedding post of the year!

As I mentioned last weekend, I love the local derby girls. I love one the most though, Pam aka Ryder Wong.  I haven't know Pam long, only a few months but it was instant friendship, through & through. Even several of her derby friends thought we had been friends for years. She is kind, generous with a compliment, has the sweetest smile & is fierce on the track!

What's there not to love??

Pam married her sweetie Trent this weekend & I was thrilled to share in their moment & eat some wedding cake!

I wish I had taken more photos & had my Canon Rebel with me, but frankly it didn't go with my look, lol. So just a couple pics of the night.

Pam's party dress was custom made for her & looked amazing on!! I wish I had a great picture of her shoes... killer leopard print heels that matched the flowered sash. I am a sucker for "matchy match" details, as my friend Jessica calls it.

My dress is one I found last spring at Addition Elle when I went looking for shorts with my gift card, but fell head over heels for it instead.  Judging by the reaction I get from my husband each & everytime I wear it, I still think I made the right call.

I just have to add that I was totally impressed with my hair  (& hope Vanessa will be as well). I'm pretty useless when it comes to styling my hair & so I usually stick with au natural, or a serious flat iron/teased big combo. This half updo thing with a wicked handmade cherry hairclip (made by the most talented Christine Patterson of I Do Cake Toppers) fit with the classed up rockabilly look I was going for, don'tcha think?



I hope that you will see & hear more about the adorable Pam in the coming months
(there has been talk of closet diving & booze?!).

My instagram for the night

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